addicted to jeans? check out our dope denim...

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addicted to jeans? check out our dope denim line!

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Preview our denim / spring photoshoot and inspirations!

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We love our denim, its classy, fun and effortlessly sexy.

When we went to shoot our upcycled denim line, we were really excited, we wanted to bring you that cool calm factor jeans have, with a sexy sultry colorful and fun style your used top get here at Agoraphobix!

So we decided to go with the most iconic look you can get, the Brigitte Bardot look - 

Clean, healthy glowing skin, with thick cat eyeliner, natural toned lips and healthy wavy glowing hair. just the way we want to look in spring!

We used flashy colorful...

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Our brand new upcycled denim line is coming soon!

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Who doesn't love an amazing pair of jeans!

Do you know who designs the best fitting pair of jeans? 

denim is a tough fabric, and it looks good after some wear and tear, that's why companies invest alot of time and work in aging their denim.
but that perfect fit, those torn edges, and that timeless cool look that dates back to Marlon Brando, James Dean and Marylin Monroe can only be achieved by some real wear and tear. And that girls, is created through time and wear, by regular people, wearing their jeans over a period of time. nothing...

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The 90s Are back baby ! how to wear 90s fashion , Today!

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Ohhhh the 90s! we just love that period! the colors, the funky patterns, from the effortless grunge style to the iridescent club kid look , were going through all these most loved 90s fashion trends and giving them a new modern streetwear twist!

Remember biker shorts?

yup, back then everyone who was anyone sported them, Axel Rose to paula abdul , and those funky dancers is MC Hammers " cant touch this " video.

modern twist: You can get all the fun prints and neon colors that those bitchin biker shorts had with Read more →



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