Our brand new upcycled denim line is coming soon!

Who doesn't love an amazing pair of jeans!

Do you know who designs the best fitting pair of jeans? 

denim is a tough fabric, and it looks good after some wear and tear, that's why companies invest alot of time and work in aging their denim.
but that perfect fit, those torn edges, and that timeless cool look that dates back to Marlon Brando, James Dean and Marylin Monroe can only be achieved by some real wear and tear. And that girls, is created through time and wear, by regular people, wearing their jeans over a period of time. nothing can compete with the look of a good old pair of rugged jeans!


a few amazing facts about denim:

  • around the world, 2.5 billion yards of denim is produced every year!
  • an average american owns a minimum of 7 pairs of jeans, and About 450 million jeans are sold in U.S.A alone each year. 
  • in the 18th century denim was identified exclusively with the working class. 
  • Levi Strauss was the first to sew a small red flag on the pocket of his jeans in the 1930′s , This was the first clothing label ever placed.
  • in the 1950's Denim was associated with teenage delinquency and became a symbol of teenage rebellion because of movies like "rebel without a cause" and "the wild one" . Jeans were banned from being worn in schools and restaurants those days!
  • Denim is a wonderful fabric to play with, and upcycled jeans can be found all the way back to the 60's where people used to embroider,  patch work and add bell bottom panels to their jeans .  
  • in the 1980's fashion designers started focusing on denim, and jeans became a high end commodity. the 80's also introduced many denim styles that we love today like acid was jeans, studded denim, skinny jeans and frosted neon jeans.

Were very concerned about the environments welfare over here at the Agoraphobix headquarters ( that's why we make sure all our clothing is vegan and locally made), and Since there is such an abundant of used denim ( did you know On average, 23.8 billion pounds of clothing are discarded each year?) we didnt want to overload the environment with more harsh chemicals, and another production line.

With all of that being said, were now were standing within a new fun challenge, upcycling denim!

We decided to start our own upcycled denim line for a few reasons.
First, the fit! 
Nothing says ageless sexy and cool like a good pair of jeans
Denim is one of the only fabrics that actually looks better with time! once it has been warn a few times it gets an amazing shape,becomes comfy to wear and hugs you right in all the places. 

Second, the fabric has character! once you dye , distress or patch up denim, you can achieve so many looks. just think of your fave treated denims like ombre shorts, dip dyed skinny jeans, studded jeans jackets and grunge patched up boyfriend jeans.

we decided to take those amazing fitted vintage jeans, twerk them up and update their cut to a modern fit with that endlessly fun and sexy Agoraphobix streetwear touch -  bright colors, loads of hardware like pyramid studs and chains, awesome dying Technics, fun prints, and most importantly - a unique look and an amazing fit.
We just love taking a previously loved denim piece and whipping up a brand new cool pair of jeans out of it !

here is a little sneak peak of whats about to come:


spike stud bleached
ombre shorts
Star studded hot pink acid
wash shorts
turquoise heart bleached shorts 
turquoise dip dyed ombre
denim skirt
Zombified splatter
boyfriend jeans
studded lacey 80s acid wash
skinny jeans
Shredded tattoo pocket neon
pink skinny jeans
Batique bleached skinny jeans
Studded rocknrolla
grunge boyfriend jeans
neon yellow acid wash
denim jacket
Logo print distressed
ombre denim shirt
Acid splatter skinny jeans


See some design you just love and cant wait to wear? which would you like to see more of? comment in the facebook comment box down below and let us know, we love hearing your opinion! 

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