The 90s Are back baby ! how to wear 90s fashion , Today!

Ohhhh the 90s! we just love that period! the colors, the funky patterns, from the effortless grunge style to the iridescent club kid look , were going through all these most loved 90s fashion trends and giving them a new modern streetwear twist!

Remember biker shorts?

yup, back then everyone who was anyone sported them, Axel Rose to paula abdul , and those funky dancers is MC Hammers " cant touch this " video.

modern twist: You can get all the fun prints and neon colors that those bitchin biker shorts had with printed leggings! They offer a bit more coverage which makes your stems look super long and keep you warm when the temperature drops. Pair your printed leggings with a slouchy top for a fresh take, and to help you avoid any camel toe or the dreaded VPL - its coverage at its best!

 Melissa Joan Hart Cher and Dion from clueless
Melissa Joan Hart knew her 90's ABC shes sporting biker tights in "Clarissa Explains It All"
Always a signature for 90's cool, Cher and Dion from "clueless" are sporting 2 huge 90's trends, black & white and biker tights!


 silver leopard printed leggings
Agoraphobix Bling Bling Metallic Silver Leopard Leggings and Agoraphobix Too Cool For School Black & Glitter Lapel Rock Star Blazer


Shorts over printed tights 

these 90s clothes staple Were everywhere you looked. pop stars rocked them, grunge gods rocked them too. you really couldn't get away from this 90s trend for a while there!

Modern Twist: pants on tights will still look cool, but if you want a fun (and warmer ) twist for winter, try shorts over leggings! super cute and fun 90s grunge fashion with the essential layered look mixed in.

 daria jane mtv Tia & Tamara
Jane from the 90s MTV show "daria" used to wear her shorts and tights every episode! (good thing she was a cartoon:))
Tia & Tamara flaunted their twinsie style with short overalls and plaid tights


 printed leggings
 Agoraphobix Monster Mash Printed Leggings
H&M denim Shorts
Zara slouch top
Sick Girl neon yellow Beanie


oversized Blazer Jackets 

Now these were huge! and they were worn over everything! jeans, shorts, skirts and leggings, you name them. Printed were good, load colors were better! just ask the undoubted style icons of the time, Like the 90s icons Jenny Garth & Shannen Doherty (Kelly & Brenda from Beverly hills 90210), and Cindy Crawford who used to sport this look all the time.

Modern Twist: Try out a fitted printed blazer. the 90s blazers were big and boxy, but a modern slouchy rockstar jacket that has some figure hugging elements over a slouchy top and skinny jeans will look super fresh and modern. a fun print, and some combat boots and your ready to go! 

 brenda kelly donna beverly hills 90210 moesha
Brenda and Kelly ruled the school in "Beverly Hills 90210" With their power woman blazers
Moesha ( Brandy Norwood ) went for a classic tapestry print blazer 


 printed jacket
Printed blazers with basics are instant rock star cool.
Agoraphobix Too Cool For School Tattoo Skull Print Rock Star Jacket with Agoraphobix Zip It RockStar Slouch Zip Back BoyBeater


Over The Top Printed Windbreakers

windbreakers you say? oh that is so 80s! well, it is, but for the most part of the begging of the 90's the fashion was like 80s fashion on speed - loader, bigger, and flashier. Many of the time fave stars sported load campy windbreakers, like the fresh prince himself - will smith, almost every rapper of the days (yup hardcore rapping was way more colorful and fun than today) and Brian Austin Green (a.k.a David Silver from Beverly Hills 90210). If you wanted to show you have street cred, you wore a windbreaker!

Modern Twist: Although the 90s windbreakers were made out of the cheapest plastic based fabrics you can find, today's windbreakers come in really nice sleek looking fabrics like satin and high quality poly blends. which means they look waaaay more classier, and chick. try giving it a modern twist with a monochromatic pattern or even muted colors that make it super feminine. wear the windbreaker over-sized with some denim shorts and a cute t shirt (or a bodysuit:))

 Will smith jazzy jeff neon 90s fashion
Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff were obsessed with windbreakers
guess it wast always summertime huh?
All the Dudes and Dudets back then knew 
neon windbreakers were the bomb!


 90s windbreaker
Agoraphobix Back To The 80's Skull Print Reversible Windbreaker and 


Oversized Denim Jackets and Shirts

2pac looked bad ass in them and he represented for the whole bay area crew. and as we all know to well, when it comes from the streets, it catches on like fire. after a while everyone wore baggy denim tops, from wannabe gangsters in suburbia to Eminem (which is pracically the same we guess... :))

Modern Twist: This was mostly a masculine trend, worn with baggy jeans and a baseball top. Give it your own modern touch by taking an oversized mens shirt and wear it as is over colored skinny jeans or leggings. you can also layer it over a baggy T shirt, just make sure if you go bulky on top, keep yer legs skinny!

Another cute option is wearing an oversized men's denim top with a tight little t shirt and skater skirt, for the ultimate Masculin meets Feminine look!


 2pac denim shirt snaow informer
Can you ever really be cooler than 2pac?
Snow sported a gangsta prison style denim shirt in his "informer" video


 rainbow leopard printed leggings acid denim shirt
Agoraphobix My Boyfriend's Top Bleach Splatter Oversized Denim Shirt and
Agoraphobix Bling Bling Rainbow Metallic Leopard Leggings

Biker Jackets 

in any style and cut, made out of leather usually, and huge shoulder pads. This was a pop / hip hop look that was sported by stars from the 80s (michael Jackson) to the early 90's ( Salt n Pepper ).

Modern Twist : You can never go wrong with a good biker jacket, that is an investment that will pay itself off for years to come, because this cut never really goes out of style! pick a modern one (no should pads girls ) in a basic color range that can serve you well and mix it up a flirty skirt and heels for a girly look, or with a tube mini skirt , opaque tight and a printed t shirt for a hard rock chick look.


 Salt n Peppa 90s Drew Barrymore bad girls
Sandra from Salt n Peppa sure looks good in her red patent leather biker jacket!
Drew Barrymore went total biker chick with her jacket in the movie "bad Girls"


 ombre biker jacket
Agoraphobix Rough N Tuff Ombre Gray Black Chevron Wool & Leatherette Biker Jacket 
and Agoraphobix RamaRama Bleach Splatter Denim Circle Skirt



Preppy Matchy Matchy Look

One of the funnest 90s fashion trends! When "clueless" came out it was infectious. the "Cher Horowitz"  (Alicia Silverston ) spread like a goodie two shoes virus! Usually warn as a complete outfit, this look included a matching cheerleader skirt & jacket set (mostly prised in a tartan print) with a cute little plain t shirt and mary jane shoes.


Modern Twist : try a flirty little skirt in a basic fabric, and pair it with a printed jacket, or visa versa - a printed skirt with a plain jacket and top. keep the matchy Matchy look in a modern feel by matching your nail polish to the printed item, not by matching the outfit!
 Cher and Dion from Clueless Liv Tyler empire records
Cher and Dion from "Clueless" Rocking the preppy look
Liv Tyler working her preppy pleated skirt in "empire records"


 streetwear style printed jacket
Dont forget to match it up! these cute high top sneaker print nails match our Agoraphobix Too Cool For School Sneaker Print Rock Star Blazer



Need we say more? Neons were everything in the early 90's! neon print t shirts, neon hot pants, neon leggings neon bangles (well you get the drift)

Modern Twist : Neon is a statement , and a bold one. Avoid looking trashy by introducing one (yes one!) neon item to you look. If its a neon top - keep it monochrome with the skirt / pants and top. if its neon skinny jeans (swoon! ) keep the top plain. you have one fun item, dont over load it!

Dont want to commit to a neon garment? accessorizeyou can pair neon accessories with a black and white getup -  black skinnies, a slouchy white printed T shirt and a bowler hat, and you will look so cool you wont be able to stop checking your reflection out wherever you go.

 hello 90's Clarissa Explains It All
crimped hair, high ponytail, skater skirt  harem pants and neon.hello 90's!
"Clarissa Explains It All" - in the 90's you wear neon with pride - and lots of it!


 90s mini skirt
Agoraphobix Shooting Star Print Vintage T Shirt with Agoraphobix As Tight As It Gets Neon Jungle Print Mini Skirt



Worn usually as tops with jeans over them, this relic of the 80's get physical movement ruled until the mid 1990's, untill it was replaced by separates - racer back sports bras and biker shorts.

Modern Twistbodysuits are all about fun - go wild with colors and prints, wear them with jeans, with a flirty skirt, as long as you keep the bottom part neutral your ready to go! try wearing them with a blazer over for a super stylish look.The best thing about bodysuits, is they act as the perfect shirt that never rides up! and most double as bathing suites, so this is a 2 in one bonanza.

Tiffani Amber Thiessen sure looked rad in her bodysuit!
Brenda Walsh (  Shannen Doherty ) posing her tush off in her long sleeve bodysuit


 rainbow leopard printed bodysuit
Agoraphobix Bling Bling Rainbow Leopard One Piece Racer Back Leopard Print Bodysuit 
And Mango Jeans


Bodycon long sleeve rockstar dresses

 Well hello Kelly Bundy! Guys couldn't get enough of her, girl wanted to look like her. She represented the whole rock chick movement to the T - the big poofie hair, those skin tight dresses and those cowboy heel boots. This hot chick look got so intense it peeked with the waynes World movies ( Tia Carrera looked like a goddess in these movies) but as the 90's came to a close fashion became simpler, and this amazingly sexy rock chick style died off.

Modern Twist : You can still look like a rock goddess today, just tone it down a notch. Try a super hot bodycon long sleeve dress - you can have fun with prints, or studding even as long as you keep every other aspect minimal - the hair the bag, and makeup too. 

 Kelly Bundy the ultimate rocker chick Brenda and Donna beverly hills cast
Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy the ultimate rocker chick in Married With Children
Brenda and Donna showed off their curves in these 90's bodycon dresses


 wet look spandex dress
Agoraphobix My Second Skin Wet Look Snakeskin Print Puff Shoulder Spike Stud Dress

Tight tube mini skirts 

 These are another 80's relic of the Rock Chick look, but were more versatile, so they drissled into almost every fashion scene in the 90s. Hey Tiffany Amber Thiesen (saved by the bell, Beverly Hills 90210 ) wore those. and if its good enough for her it was definitely good enough for us!

modern twist : Although most of the skirts in the 90s fashion trend were more like constrictive denim tube skirts, try a fun spandex skirt 80's style mini skirt they are so much easier to move it, they look hot, and the print looks like it was liquefied on your body. Scortch! pair it with a large t shirt (raid your boyfriends closet for that one ) and some hoop earring. But keep it with flats - or flat platforms -  sandals, creepers, boots whatever you choose. Just dont go for heels, it gives it a slutty edge we would rather leave behind in that decade.

The Spice Girls 90s  Tiffani Amber Thiessen mini skirt
The Spice Girls never could give up a chance to wear something short and fitted like these tube mini skirts!
Tiffani Amber Thiessen made a name for herself as a 90's goddes wearing mini skirts as Kelly Kapowski in " saved by the bell "


 90s neon mini skirt
Agoraphobix Garbage? Print Vintage T Shirt with Agoraphobix Splatter Me As Tight As It Gets Neon Splatter Print Mini Skirt

Velvet Chokers with pendants 

Drew Barrymore, Shannon Doherty, Alicia Silverstone , Liv Tyler -you name it, they all sported these. it was a soft girly twist on a very goth concept. made you look like a bad girl, and we loved every moment of it!

Modern Twist : Try a geometric pendant, which has those Gothic elements with a more modern look, or a whimsical animal pendant (which looks really fresh right now) pair it with your fave wool beanie, a cute t shirt and a flirty skirt to create a street wear girly edge.

 Drew Barrymore Shannen Doherty
Drew Barrymore used to wear chokers all the time in the 1990's
Shannen Doherty proving that she knew best wearing a velvet choket in the mid 90's


 Black Owl Cameo Pendant with Satin Choker Necklace
Black Owl Cameo Pendant with Satin Choker Necklace
On Etsy


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