About Us

Born from Punk inspired by the Streets!

Sprung from the gutters of Haifa City, Agoraphobix, the independent edgy alternative & streetwear clothing line by Designer Romi Eff was born on the spring of 2003. 

So Whats your story?

Agoraphobix started selling on ebay and etsy as a unique rule breaking clothing line made for rocking chicks that want to stand out while wearing gear that fits them perfectly - mentally & physically.

business grew and has now developed from a one woman operation into a web site selling limited quantities to Alternative fashionistas.

Where do we get inspired from? We are inspired by everything you love! This line started small, so it was always in tune with your love for Rocking music, Flashy colors, gender bender looks, Extreme fashion AND cudly animals. 

❤ All Agoraphobix items are locally hand made ❤


Limited Quantities

We know you hate seeing your top on another girl, so we produce our items as you order, in small limited quantities!

Shop with confidence

We have years of experience selling internationally & online, with happy costumers from all over the world, if you have any question or request, just contact us at: agoraphobix.clothing@gmail.com 

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You Were Born To Rock Live Your Destiny!






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