Are you the same guys from Agoraphobic Creations?
Yea we are! how old school is that? weve grown quite a bit since our first ebay store:)
I've never shopped online before.... im scared! is this site safe?
Sure thing! we've been working online for a long LONG time ( dont even get us started on how long....), shopping online with usis super safe,
the site is highly protected (and so is all your info) and if you have
any questions were here for you! just contact us at agoraphobix.clothing@gmail.com
Oh, and we have years of credentials! want to read what other chickas that bought Agoraphobix think ? check out our Kudos page or take a look
at feedback that we received through the years on Ebay & Etsy
Is there a real brick n mortar Agoraphobix shop I can go on a shopping spree in?
Nope, sorry gals! this is all punk spirited here, online, underground, and worldwide through the web only.
Im socially and environmentally conscience, Where's the gear designed and made?
All of Agoraphobix products are designed and made locally so no sweatshop conditions here!
and also for all my vegan animal lovers, our gear is 100% cruelty free!
I have no idea what size I am here, help!
There is a size chart in every product (second tab below product description),
with detailed sizing and measurements, so you wont get it wrong:)
Why do you sew per order?
We work on a small quantity basis cause we know you hate seeing your top on someone
else (ahhhh... the small price to pay for having unique gear) So each item is sewn as soon as the order is placed. but it takes a week max so no worries you'll get it ASAP :)
How come some products are sold out?
Since We work on a small quantity basis, sometimes fabric runs out but dont worry! were stocking this fabric as we speak, so it should be available again in a few days
. want to be notified? just contact us at agoraphobix.clothing@gmail.com
How long till I get my stuff?
Once your gear is shipped, you automatically get an email with your tracking number & order info.
Didnt get a shipping confirmation? Make sure you check your Spam filters
on your email so your emails from agoraphobix.clothing@gmail.com doesn't end up lost in spam oblivion.
Local (Israel only):
Standart: Sent through registered Israeli post and is trackable. takes Up to a week
Standard: Sent through registered Israeli post and is trackable. takes from 10 days up to a month to arrive.
Express: Shipped by EMS, and is trackable. Costs a bit more, but hey, it will arrive within a week!
Do I have to pay for custom fees?
Yup, sorry no control over that. sometimes they charge you, sometimes they don't... sadly its completely out of our hands. 
Oh and we cant change info about your purchase that's illegal... no gray lines here, we have to play by the rules:)
I cant wait anymore... where is my order?
If your waiting and waiting and this all seems abit endless ,and too much time passed since the
item has been shipped (how long? take a look above wink wink:))
Contact us at  agoraphobix.clothing@gmail.com we will find out what went wrong.
don't worry, we haven't lost a package yet!
What is your returns policy?
Fear not! We do accept returns, but items have to be returned within a month from purchase,
unworn, unwashed and with all the tags attached. items showing any signs of wear cannot be returned to us.
What return options can I choose from?
You can select either a refund for the cost of the item, or a 110% store credit
(that's 100% for the item you bought + 10% off for your next shopping spree:))
What if you guys sent me the wrong item, or the item is damaged?
Us? Never! just kidding:) were human and although rare sometimes mistakes are made!
contact us at  agoraphobix.clothing@gmail.com and we will fix things up for ya!
Can I return sale items if it doesn't fit or I change my mind?
Nope.... sorry. sale items are final.
Can I change or cancel my order?
Yes you can! dont stress it, just contact us the same day the order was placed and we will change what you need.
I'm getting an error when trying to place an order... what do I do?!?
Internet is a sticky buisness and once in a while there is an overload of shoppers
in the store, and a page wont come up. be patient, it usually sorts out within a few minutes.
if not, contact us at agoraphobix.clothing@gmail.com and we will fix that booboo ASAP:)


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