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May 27th 2013
"The Alternative Paint Cabret" blog 
featured Agoraphobix products goodie package


July 29th 2013
"Anomaly" Blog
featured  Agoraphobix black sparkle shrug mini dress
July 2nd 2012
"Yellow Mellowt" fashion film by Moana on Tumbler
featured Agoraphobix denim shorts
September 2012
"Fuck yeah medical fashion" on Tumbler
featured an Agoraphobix vintage nurse corset
May 4th 2012
"My Ombre" blog by the Frosted Petticote
featured Agoraphobix ombre blue dip dye dress 
 July 2012
"Featured Etsy Artist" blog by  bunny
featured selected items from the  "acid Safari" line
March 6th 2012
"Booksie Rocking out" blog by Author Jess Buike
featured Agoraphobix Neon pink & gray 80's hoodie
October 5th 2012
“tangled web” blog by shop etsy
featured my sparkle star & spider web mini skirt
November 1st 2011
Onlife online magazine Style segment
featured Agoraphobix items for Zipper Market
summer 2011
Creepy Queen Magazine 4th issue
“midnight Press” 3 page spread


July 2011
Achbar Haair
featured an Agoraphobix profile piece
March 2011
Overseas photoshoot  Alternative model MissMischief
&Tiffany Ann Photography with Agoraphobix gear
February 19th 2011“Tattooed Brides”  Blog by Urban Bride
featured Agoraphobix  designs wedding dress
August 8th 2010
Nana online magazine Style Segment
Hello Doll Photospread
featured Agoraphobix gear
August 25th 2010
Walla online magazine Style Segment
Dead End Photospread
featured Agoraphobix gear
May 24th 2010
Nana online magazine Style Segment
Whip & punishment Photospread
featured Agoraphobix gear
November 13th 2009
Nana online magazine Style Segment Art of
seduction Photospread  featured Agoraphobix gear 
November 8th 2009
“Japanoise” Blog by the makeup artist
Shlomit migayfeatured Agoraphobix gear
Agoraphobix is the proud sponsor of the paint
cabaretin Vienna, Austria. Check out some
clips & photoshootsof their preformances
featuring Agoraphobix gear

  Agoraphobix Fashion shows

January 2007
First ever Agoraphobix Fashion Show
at the Pachos club Haifa
July 17th 2008
Fashion Tips for Victims Agoraphobix Fashion Show
at the City Hall club Haifa
April 2012
Agoraphobix fashion show for Zipper designer market
at Dizingoff Center Tel Aviv



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