Want to hear what our girls are saying? here are some love letters we got from our costumers!


Beautiful design and craftsmanship.Very happy with it! Fits perfectly and is comfortable. :>

<3 I adore that it came with an Agoraphobix tag on it!

I put a picture of me trying the skirt on both ways. Sorry my mirror is so smudgy, lol!

Wore it with the skull centered in the front, though I like it either way.

- Dante

You Rock these pants to heaven and back again!

Thank you Romi so much for your marvelous attention to detail! I will keep you in my favs! You go gurl!

- Jeanette

 Man, I love this gal's clothing! Made well, fits perfect, and shipped fast from across the globe!

 - awgoodgod

This is my new favorite top! Your creativity keeps me clothed! I will be back for more, no doubt!

- awgoodgod

 Super cool top! I absolutely adore the fabric! Perfect for adding a nice touch for a New Year's Eve at home! Thanks a lot for the fast shipping too!

 - Pili

Bought these for my punky little sister and she LOVES them, wears them all the time and all her friends compliment her on them all the time :) Makes me happy to know she really loves them! Thanks!

- natasha

 Great quality. Lovely fabric, beautifully made and fast delivery. Thank you.

- heartofclass

Very cute! My daughter will love it. Fast shipping. I will definately buy again. Thank you!

 - restless61

Love, love, love this skirt! Got both my packages yesterday - from etsy and from your website - LOVE everything! Thanks so much!!!

- Karyn

Such great materials and an awesome custom fit. If your closet doesn't have an item from Agoraphobix you are missing out! :)

- Cyndi

Love these booty shorts! wearing them to dj tonite! thanks so much! Always a great seller!

- AJ

Great items. Love the fancy colors!! The hoodie is so cute ....and the spandex tights are awsome!! They look even better in real!!Thank you so much for another great custom order!!

Always so happy when buying from you!! Cheers :)) 

- Deb

 My tights were amazing. Very good shopping experience too.

- Kimberly

Perfect transaction. Seller very friendly and very helpful!!

I asked for a change in the print : "kitty cat paws" instead of "human skull" ;-)),

and the seller did a lovely work ...without charging any extra!!

Thank you, I really appreciate!! A+++++++ Seller !!

- Deb

 SOOOOOO cute!! Nice soft fabric. Very nice seller. I can't wait until it stops blizzarding here so that I can wear it! :)

- Suzanne


I just received it and.. it's Perfect !!!

This will not be my last purchase from you ;] Thank you so much again !!


- SuicideJoker

LOVE IT!! This shirt is freaking awesome, looks dead sexy on, fits like a glove and is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Romi was a breeze to work with - great communication,shipped my shirt promptly and arrived safely.

Seriously a quality shirt...seems professionally sewn. Really nice. Wouldn't hesitate to do business here again. Hoping for more shirts in this vein!!! Thanks for a smooth transaction. ;)

-  solsticescents

Fast shipping, good communication, and unique T-shirt. nI love the colors and the patern. Great for a relax and fun style. Easy to wear and very comftable!!

- Deborah

Absolutely wonderful! Fits like a glove. Sooooooo happy with it :) Amazing top. In love with it so much.

- beatrice

Gorgeous and very unique dress. Romi is a total sweetheart and a great communicator. Thanks Romi! I love the dress!!!!

- Mary

These were custom shorts. The seller made them to my specifications

with absolute perfection (based off of something else she was selling,

but with modifications). Perfect length and size for me.

They are unique and amazing! She was kind during communication, and quick with making and shipping!

 - Kelley

So, I am pretty much in love with your clothes. :) Beautiful. One of these days I plan on getting some vinyl pants from you.

 - Iversia

I love your clothes! Seriously I wish I had discovered your stuff years ago.

 - Daniella

Great seller. Tank is good looking in picture,but is so much more badass in person!

The material is soft and vibrant...it's like a mix of second-skin and body-hugging, yet still kinda loose and flow-y. The quality of the craftsmanship is insane.I just picked it up from the post office today, and can't wait to wear it out!

 - Kelley

Hello! I got home my pants the other day and wanted to say that I am extremely satisfied.
gladly buy more clothes from you in the future.
have a nice day

Sincerely alexandra

@RomiEff Love your #fashion! I still have a few pieces of yours from 5 years ago & still love them!#Couture #Punk #Rock #Style #Goth

 - MIa

I got my dress, it's bangin :] I'm fasho gonna buy off of you again. 
Thanks so much.

- cayluhh

Hi Romi, 
Got all the clothes!!! I LOVE them, thank you sooo much!
Will def be getting more stuff when I have cash :)
Hope you are well, and busy ;)


Really looking forward to getting everything!!! Im new to New Zealand so
I hope their post is pretty quick! I'll be in touch soon, thanks for all your help,
You provide fantastic customer service :)

Hi Romi!  I just got my package.  As usual, I absolutely LOVE all 3 tops.Your clothes also always smell amazing when I receive them.  Do you use a fabric spray?  I would love to know what you use so I can buy it in bulk and spray my entire house, body and clothing with it!

Thanks again,


MAN-OH-MAN! --- can you ever sew!!!
You have the gift, my friend!!!!
(& put in a LOT of hard work too!)
I LOVE the extra details!

 - Artnwildflowers

Just a quick note to say thank you for your help and I have received your beautiful parcel. 

- Danika

OMG I love your shop - every single item! PERFECT! I'm amazed, rarely I found something so exciting!!! Great job, thanks for it!

- Martyna 


I just went to the post office to collect my trousers! They came about a week ago only just made it to collect them so impressed with how fast they got here.
Also there amazing they fit great cant wait to show everyone, il definitely tell my mates, thank you very much :-D


Hi Romi -
Just wanted to let you know I absolutely LOVE the newsprint waist cincher! 
So beautiful and well-made.  I love that it zips up in front.  Thanks so
much for another gorgeous item!  You are the best!



I am definitely going to check out the store :) That's awersomethat you have a website & facebook page now!! I still get TONSof compliments when I wear my stuff that you made :) Now when I get a compliment I can just give them the website! 
I'm still your biggest fan!! I'll have to take pics for you sometime and show you how I look in the outfits :)
 Love ya!
Hey Romi!
I just got my new Beatles Rubber Soul dress!
I love it!! 
Thank you so much!!
Gina :)
Hi !
Just to say THANKS YOU SO MUCH for your kindness. ^^ I received my store receipt in which you said you can print the skull on the pants, I'm SO happy. 
Thanks ^^
Have a nice day. 
- Camille
Hi Romi,
Thank you for your response so quickly.  Waiting for your jeans is worth it!!!! I do intend to wear them for a concert in September.  If they come intime, I will wear them to Las Vegas,party city, in June.  I only hope I do you proud by showing off your design as your walking advertisement.  I may be 54, but I live young.  I'm 5 feet10" tall and try to keep in shape. I'll send a pic.

Thank you very much!


Your stuff has become my personal fave stuff to wear!It's also gotten me plenty of compliments and people asking "Where did you get that?" I used to direct them here to Etsy, but now I just direct them to your website. ;P

Thanks again!



 Thanks so much for the fast shipping. Man I wish there were rad people like you in the US to get clothes from. We suck. I'm struggling with finding the kinds of clothes I'd like to wear. If you've ever seen the US tv show called LA Ink...that's my style.

The Kat Von D style but it's impossible to find.

But I'm looking forward to receiving the package! Thank you again for shipping it out so fast! I'm stoked.

I'll be back for sure.



- marylena01



I received the tights today! There are amazing. Thank you so much again. :)


- Shevonne

just to let you know i received my capri's today and i LOVE them . leopard print and skulls are perfect....

many thanks for all your help and i am sure i will be buying from you again.

Hiii!! I received my corset!
A nice job as always ;]
I give you feedback and I hope you will do the same.
See you soon I think :]]
Bye ^^

- sweet.joker


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