Zipper dress by Agoraphobix

 most of us take zippers for granted. We see them as a means of getting our clothing on and off.
But if you think about it, really really think about it, zippers have alot of character. they do!
I find myself contemplating while sewing for quite a long time what zipper will work with a top or pants, what color, what texture. each choise makes a world of difference! putting a hot pink zipper on a gray sweatshirt instantly gives it an irresistible girly charm, and putting a black zipper on a hot green dress can make it pop out like it never did before.

remember those chunky zipper bags that were huge in the 90's? guess what made them sell so fast? the zipper!
large zipper bag
And who can forget the metalic rainbow zipper that was so hot 5 years ago. it was everywhere, from sports jackets to childerns school bags to womens purses,again best sellers because of zippers.
Zippers are hot, and they surely can make or brake and outfit.
rainbow zipper bag
here is my celection for the hootest zipped up items around!
In my collection I try and use zippers in any possible way. as trims, as prints, as accent pieces, and sometime well just as zippers:)
Kicking it off with pieces from my collection is this super awesome medium pile fur leopard waist coat, I gave it a really interesting cut that is closed in the neck and zips up to the middle with a red glitter feature zipper. this create a look that is dangerously scandalous worn as is or totally high fashion with a top underneath.

waist coat by Agoraphobix
With my corsets I really had to siv though, I have so many that I use zippers with as features that the choice was quite difficult. But here are a few of my favorites:

This purple biker stitch boned corset is definitely one of my favorite items. A lot of though and work went into this little number! I really wanted the purple on the eggplant vinyl to shine through, so I accentuated it with a really light shaded purple stitching and a bolder purple zipper.

corset by Agoraphobix

corset by Agoraphobix
corset by Agoraphobix

On this red black racer inspired corset I went for totally different look,
the red zipper is the only
feature on the front making it vital for the look. Same as this red and gray fleure de lis print corset, I just had to place the glitter red zipper on the front to give it that wow factor!

clincher by Agoraphobix
clincher by Agoraphobix

The three next waist clinchers have completely different looks but they
rely heavily on zippers for that extra shine. this black and white zebra waist clincher could lean towards the boring side without this super cute white glitter zipper I gave it on the front. And with this red skull patch waist clincher? I just had to place a red zipper on front to match up with those red skulls!

But in the neon splatter waist clincher, it was a whole different case, I needed a bright colored line to bring a bit of order into all the splatters, that's why I chose this bright yellow feature zipper opening.

clincher by Agoraphobix
And if its quite obvious the zippers on corsets are both for beauty and comfort, the utility of zippers in these pencil skirts is totally different!

skirt by Agoraphobix
skirt by Agoraphobix
I love placing a large plastic zipper on the back of pencil skirts not
only for the cool industrial look of it, but also to create a back slit that will make them easier to walk and function in. Like in this red leopard print pencil skirt, the zipper completely looks in place as a slit opening and it doesn't intrude too much with the busy leopard print.
On the second skirt I wanted a hot pink zipper to play off on the pink in the bullet prints, and that it will just pop out of the black skirt.

On this green skull and cross mini skirt, the zippers are completely for show, just to give it a bit of a renegade look.

mini by Agoraphobix

jacket by Agoraphobix
shrug by Agoraphobix

Zippers are obviously quite important on jackets and coats as they
keep the cold out, but on this black and white checkered shrug and this ska jacket, the red zipper was a necessity to me, I wanted to give it a punch that couldn't be ignored, and I believe this blood red zipper definitely does the job!

On the blue leopard coat its zippers for utility and cuteness, the 2 front pockets with zippers give it a motorcycle jacket look, and the glitter blue zipper on the front gives it a kawai touch:)
jacket by Agoraphobix

top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix
model: missmischief

I love love love this pink snakeskin spandex bustier top, I wanted to accentuate the pink so I
added pink zipper trimming on the bust, giving it a really cool industrial cyber touch.
 And as for this pink polka dot bustier? I just wanted to give it a fun 80's feel, so I screen printed loads of pink zippers on the front.

shorts by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix

On the next top I wanted to play on the punk style, I used tartan and gave it a large front zipper for
easy on and off, a that goes all the way to the top of the shoulder straps, creating a double shoulder strap look.And dosnt it just match perfectly with these red tartan and "mosh pit addict" print hot pants? with the zipper accents its a total punk look!

pants by Agoraphobix
capri by Agoraphobix

I worked the printed zipper look also on these 2 pairs of pants, the flannel tartan Capri's are
super comfy and warm for house or outdoor wear, on the contrary to these super hot white and black spray skinny pants which I just had to print the zippers on them!

pants by Agoraphobix
pants by Agoraphobix

On these purple skull print skinnys I placed the zippers as trims on the back pockets to give it
that extra sweet touch, but on these blue sparkle denim and skull cross print pants, the zippers are totally for the hardcore touch.

And last but not least, this black and white destroy print dress is my zipper masterpiece. I have zippers as lining for almost every panel on this dress, giving the different panels definition as much as structure as it has free standing hip panels, sort of a Victorian dress style.
dress by Agoraphobix

I know that all these zipper clothing got you pumped so lets zipididooda out way to the accessory department!!!

Ill start with necklaces, Where I found the most items in:)

necklace by olivesandpearls

this zipper heart necklace by olivesandpearls is super cute and great for sporting a zipper look

on a day to day basis.

necklace by kahlaw

another great daily option is the zipper pick necklace by kahlaw,such a cute idea with a rock star attitude!

This zipper wheel necklace by everyweek can pull a double whammy, it will look awesome with a slouch street wear top as well as with a sexy slinky little black dress.

necklace by everyweek

choker by designerplayground

 If your a rough chick who likes her jewelry hardcore, you will not
be able to ignore this graphite zipper choker by designerplayground

choker & bracelet by sewlutionsbyamo

or this dual purpose zipper choker and bracelet by sewlutionsbyamo .

necklace by TheFamiLeeJewels
necklace by toniandtree

I also loved the steamppunk options  from this beautiful feminine heart zipper bird necklace by
toniandtree to the more masculine biker girl look of this steampunk zipper necklace by TheFamiLeeJewels.

necklace by ReborneJewelry
necklace by catrinel777
If you want to pull off (no pun intended:)) the zipper look with more of
an evening wear you have to try this pink honeycomb necklace by ReborneJewelry or walk on the wild side with this leopard zipper necklace by catrinel777.

And you will want zippery items for you ears wouldn't you? its such a fun punk look!

earrings by lana2323
earrings by exousia
these zipper heart gem earrings by exousia are so kawai, and just perfect with a tutu and pink
tights! I also love these zipper rhynstone earrings by lana2323 they are really pretty and the neutral color will work well with so many items.

This blog has to be a celebration for all you steampunk jewelry fans, these zip locked earrings by TimeAndMaterials are so delicate and pretty and will work great with either of the two steampunk necklaces I presented earlier.
earrings by TimeAndMaterials

earrings by runnickyrun

 If you like your earrings big, try out these metal chain cross and
zipper earrings by runnickyrun for the ultimate punk feel,

earring by londicreations

or go with these bubble gum zipper earring by londicreations that are sure to brighten up your day!

bracelet by ltremblay

I love cuffs as you all may know, and these zipper cuffs really
blew my mind, I love the teal color and the intricate flower design in this teal zipper rosette bracelet by ltremblay.

stud cuff by LovMely

and  this gold white zipper stud cuff by LovMely is so unscaled and elegant but with a real cool funky touch to it

stud cuff by designerplayground

And if you want the perfect punk cuff to add to your look, look no more this gray zipper stud cuff
by designerplayground is just perfect and will match almost anything.

Bracelet by Re Zip It

The girl with a fun bright personality wont be able to resist these Recycled Zipper Bangle Bracelet by Re Zip It, they are so much fun and so colorful!

As for rings I have this zipper pull ring by KermitsTiesEtc, which is great for the girl who just loves her street wear nick nacks and fun jewlary with a statement.

ring by KermitsTiesEtc
I wanted to find you real cool bags for the zipper blog but here I fell a bit short, the bigger bags were so so, but I have to say these smaller pouches and baggets really saved the day!
Im in love with this Upcycled Tire Tube Bag with a Yellow zipper by derekhowlettdotcom, I think its ingenious, I love the recycling used in it and the big bright yellow zipper that gives it so much character.
Tire Bag by derekhowlettdotcom
This groovy little zipper coin purse by TheJeneralStore is perfect for all your little items and is a statement piece of its own. AND you can find it in array of colors to fit your every mood!
purse by TheJeneralStore

pouch by Tokyoinspired

trust this hungry white cat ipod pouch by Tokyoinspired to keep you tune player safe and snugly,

case by splashingKoi

and this adorable pink iphone hoodie case by splashingKoi to protect your phone from bumps falls and catching a cold!

I couldn't leave you without any bags at all so for the ones of us who have a few (well alot ) of spare dollars in their wallets, try this rainbow-zip-bag by D&G.
rainbow zip bag by D&G

If it surprised me I didn't find a lot of zipper bags, I was more surprised to find so many zipper inspired leg warmers!

leg warmers by beckaboo
legwarmers by bmoddesigns
I love the baby blue in these fun blue zipper knit legwarmers by bmoddesigns they are definitely
not like other leg warmers you have seen before, and if your into earthy tones, try these brown zipper leg warmers by beckaboo that will look awesome with any pair of jeans or woolen skirt.

And black is always a good option as it suites everything, and these woolen zipper leg warmers by jmsclub are no exception, they are fun and have a metal touch to them.
leg warmers by jmsclub

 And to complete your overall zippery look, I have to feature this attitude full go to hell zipper pull undeadmushroom12, tell the world what you think of it!

zipper pull undeadmushroom12
I really love these Lady Zip Rivet Pumps by FuschiaLime, I think the mixture of uber feminine and masculine metal in these shoes is perfect, and they will suit almost anything you choose, these are THE bomb shell pumps you must have in your closet.

Pumps by FuschiaLime

And at the end of a zippery blog whats better that cuddling up to youir own Robot softie with Teal zipper mouth by shelleyfaye? come on you know you want to!

Robot softie by shelleyfaye

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