Zebra, from black and white to shiny and brights!

top by Agoraphobix

A long while ago, when I just started making garments for sale, I went fabric shopping. I asked the sales woman if  they have any pink zebra fabric, and she looked back at me and with all the seriousness in the world she replied "have you ever seen a pink zebra?".

The moral of the story is two sided. The first, dont go shopping for fabrics where I went because obviously you wont return with anything of interest. and the second is, yes Iv seen a pink zebra! and a blue one and a purple one and a green one...

so this blog is all about neon zebra galore, with just a touch of black and white.

top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix

 Kicking off my collection for today is this pink and white skull print
zebra halter top. great for the upcoming summer, its uber cute and just waiting for a rockabilly diva to wear it out!
All you girly girls take notice! this pink zebra ruffle racer top is just to die for,  its seriously sweet, its got heart buttons and its super soft and comfy.

top by Agoraphobix
corset by Agoraphobix

If your more into the mainstream zebra, try this zebra and pink skull print bustier, giving you just a touch of each color to create the ultimate vixen rocker girl top, with just a touch of 80's.
If you want to push the hottnes envelope just a bit more, try this magenta zebra and leatherette bat print boned corset. Perfect for all you girlies who want to show off your assets in style.


One of my all time favorites is this awesome zebra long sleeve turtle neck mesh top in burgundy.  I love the combination of the color with the slight sheerness of the fabric, it creates an amazing pattern!

top by Agoraphobix

top by Agoraphobix
jacket by Agoraphobix
 If you are still cold or going into the cold season (oi! to all my girlies in Australia and south
America!!!) you have to try out this honey colored zebra hoodie with ears. not only is it super warm and fluffy with its hot pink fur trim, its totally cute and irresistible!
My sportier ladies have a great option in this teal zebra knit high collar sports jacket with a cute
star print on it, who can resist a sporty zebra?

tights by Agoraphobix
pants by Agoraphobix
 If you want a more demure zebra to fit in your closet, try out these zebra and destroy print pegged pants, full of punk attitude, these will rock the mosh pit or will kick ass just for your day to day wear.
If you really want to shine, try out these turquise and zebra print spandex tights,  be a glam diva for a night. These paired with a pair of high heels totally channel Olivia Newton John in Grease but with a t rex glitter touch.

skirt by Agoraphobix
skirt by Agoraphobix
  All you skirt loving chicks will love this pink zebra and mosh pit print mini skirt, its so comfy and great for showing your attitude to the world!

If your more of an Old school lover try this hot pink zebra and swallow print mini skirt. its uber sexy and will look great with a slouch black top and high top all star shoes!

And you know dresses get harder to ignore the closer summer gets, and this turquoise heart print zebra dress is definitely a sexy option for you, heat up the night with this sexy little number!

dress by Agoraphobix

dress by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix
want something cuter? this pink zebra camisole baby doll cut dress with heart buttons in the ultimate choice for you, it flowy and romantic with its black lace trim adding just the perfect amount of feminine touch.
One of the best options for a fun summery day out is this tan zebra scrunch waist heart button sun dress, its uber lightweight and will fit almost any mood. Just imagine yourself walking around the beach in this one.

 One of may favorite cut dresses has to be this pink and gray zebra racer pencil dress, it hugs your curves in all the right places, but has added class with the waist belt and the leangth, so this baby can work for the workplace and for play!
dress by Agoraphobix

cuff by Agoraphobix
cuff by Agoraphobix

And if you want to add just a touch of zebra, this pink purple foe
zebra fur cuff or red zebra foe fur cuff will definitely do the job.

Moving to the accessories, I was so thrilled to look for them as the options were all so dreamy! you will love these finds I have for you!

hat by CandyCaine

first up is this super sweet green zebra top hat by CandyCaine, I love the work put into it, from the tool to the Victorian lining , the lace trim and the feathers, its just the perfect little wow piece!

clips by babyloubowtique

Hair clips are the perfect way to add a splash of zebra print and color to your look, try these assorted zebra bow clips by babyloubowtique for a subtle yet fun day to day look.

bow by CutieDynamite

Want a cute hair number with loads of sweetness? try out this heart locket pink zebra bow by CutieDynamite, sweet as candy and full of attitude.

extentions by Vivka
And if you really want to go wild for the night, try these orange zebra extensions by Vivka, its just the perfect way to go wild with your hair without the bleach and messy die jobs, it clips on perfect every time:)

ears by AnEnchantedNotion
And if you really want to create that kawai look, you have to go for these babys! these zebra animal ears by AnEnchantedNotion  are just so cute, and perfect for cosplay or just a fun dressup.

Im totally in love with these yellow pink zebra earrings by airoutthere , they are just stunning and are sure to give you that colorful boost when creating a look.
earrings by airoutthere

pendant by KATKo
I found some awesome necklaces and pendants you have to try on, like this green glitter heart pendant by KATKo. I love the vibrant color and the zebra - ribcage pattern.

pendant by RandomQuirks
If you want a pendant in pink then you can try this super cute pink zebra skull pendant by RandomQuirks, not only has it got a pink zebra print, but a skull on it too! perfect for all you renegade girlies!

charm by TooTooPosh

I also love this zebra charm by TooTooPosh, again in pink  but with a classy swarovski crystal and a personalized letter to make it your own.

pendant by spiffycool

This fleur de lis zebra pendant by spiffycool is perfect for a goth girl who loves to play with colores, I love the classy symbol matched with the wild zebra print and hot pink background.

If you really want to show off your inner punk rock chick, try out this neon green zebra necktie by thebagbasement1, It will work great with either a classy buttoned shirt to or just a plain t shirt, its a perfect accessory to really show off your unique style.

necktie by thebagbasement1

ring by RoboticLove

Mixing up some leopard with the zebra print, this cute zebra leopard heart ring by RoboticLove is a great item to unleash your wild side with a bold statement.

belt by wwwstarecocom

You know Im a huge freak for the pink and lime color combo, and this belt really does the trick! check out this neon zebra belt by wwwstarecocom to make sure your pants stay on with style:)

And if you want to walk on the wild side by definition, try out these zebra spats by joelmasouza, they work on any high heeled shoe and they are promised to give you a classy touch with an edge.
spats by joelmasouza
And dont forget to keep your legs from the chilly winds with these zebra leg warmers by knottybabywear, I know they are for kids but they are so adorable that I know you guys would want to rock them!
leg warmers by knottybabywear

If you want a cute bag that can hold all your things and show off your safari adventurous character, try out this suede pink zebra bag by gracedesign, I love the soft gray suede contrasting that sweet baby pink zebra print.

bag by gracedesign

I know you girls are just aching for summer dips in the pool, and this rainbow zebra bikini by gabriellescostumes is the perfect bikini to do it with! its so vibrant and fun it will help even the most shy girls want to get out and catch those warm sun rays.
bikini by gabriellescostumes

magnets by buttercupsbottlecaps
Cant commit to wearing zebra on your body? or maybe you just want to dress up your house a bit?
Well try dressing up your fridge with these zebra bottle cap magnets by buttercupsbottlecaps, putting up shopping lists to remember has never been so much fun as with these sweeties!

lap desk by LapDeskLady

Or try this  zebra lap desk by LapDeskLady to accessorize your working environment just to suite your style.
sticker by Stickerman

And if your phone looks abit dark and dreary, try out this colorful rainbow zebra phone sticker by Stickerman, and your phone will never look sad again!

hoola hoop by JerseyHoops
Want a way to work out in perfect style? with your own neon zebra hoola hoop by JerseyHoops, its totally doable!

And finally one of my favorite finds is these zebracorn heels by Iron fist, I have them, I love them and they are totally comfy and perfect for any occasion. really, just try them on!
dress by Agoraphobix
Shoes by Iron Fist

So I hope you like all the colorful zebra items I found for you, cause remember, zebras are not only black and white!

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