Winter wonderland clothing just for rocking chicks!

bomber jacket by Agoraphobix
finally winter is here!
I love the changing of the seasons! The leaves falling, that day when you realize its too cold to sleep with only a thin blanket, or when you sit and watch tv in the evening and you are to cold to sit there with a t shirt, you might need a sweatshirt too!
Being that I  live in a hotter country somehow I started experiencing these wonderful things only this week, and it wasnt more than a week a go that it was so dry that a huge fire burned its way through our woodland park.
So if this blog seems belated to you, bare with me it just turned into winter here now:)
So this week I wanted to write about the real hot items you should get for winter, both literally and physically!
I know it is hard to reveal your inner vixen while being covered in mountains of layers and wool, but I went out to find the best items for you to set your inner chick out:)
So what are the winter essensials? every magazine will tell you something else, but this is my list so I will try and share my must haves.

first, I would start with a real sexy tight pair of skinny jeans, preferably in a vibrant color ( I never understood why anyone should wear dark colors in winter, its already gloomy and dark, I think we should color our day, at least with our gear!

Skull pants by Agoraphobix
pants by Agoraphobix
These turquoise riot print skinny jeans have a beautiful relaxing color,and they are still vibrant
and fun and will fit with most colors ( see them as a more vibrant colored pair of jeans).
Also, these purple and pink print skinnys with the zipper back pocket detail are fun and streetwise, so u cant miss out with them!
another awesome pair of pants are these
Any of these with a sexy pair of rocker slouch boots or even super high heel 80's bootie and your ready to go!

Skirts are another great option if you dont live in a total frees out zone, I usually pair them with Leggings or tights  (preferably colored) and walk around town feeling like a woman with a cause (to take over the world!:)) 
this totally adorable, pink leopard mini skirt with back zippers is perfect for any season, its short flirty and cheeky and looks super cute with tights!

Also dont miss out on tube skirts, they are fun small and colorful additions to any closet, and you
can find them in almost any print and pattern you can imagine!
 this zebra & swallow print mini skirt is a darling for day to day wearand a sexy little spandex and polka dot mini skirt that just scream hot and sexy clubbing date!!!

corset pencil skirt by Agoraphobix
Also on my list, pencil skirts always rule my world, paired up with a sexy pair of heals and nude pantyhose (preferably with a back seam).
Try this super hot pinstripe,  back corset tie black & white flower print pencil skirt to sex things up! paired with the pair of Iron Fist heels I have later on it will look to die for!

Skirt by Agoraphobix

Last but not least, This bomb shell spandex pencil skirt will definitly rock your day, with a little tight sweater, a jacket and a pair of high heeled shoes perfect to heat things up in the layered world of winter.

Sweater dress by Agoraphobix
Brigitte Bardot
Another short funky option is this knit bumble bee bat sleeve dress, its hot, its slinky and it will totally transform you into a Brigitte Bardot style sex kitten paired with some good leggings and heels!

top by Agoraphobix

And here are a few winter must haves! Long sleeve tops, you need them you have to wear them, but somehow they don't come out looking as cute and interesting as the flirty summer tank tops, right? wrong!
For me its almost a mission to create standout hot long sleeve tops.
if its color you crave, you have it!
this splatter & neon zombie stitch long sleeve top cannot be missed and its also perfect for day to day with flair or going out with a bang!

Mosh pit addict top by Agoraphobix
bat top by Agoraphobix
on a more demure note, these stripe and print off shoulder tops like this stripe and mosh pit addict top or this uber cool bat and stripe top will definitely keep you warm while looking cool,

And don't forget one of my favorite cuts, the baseball sleeve top , like this awesome piece in red & black with skeleton hands print on the front

skeleton hand print top by agoraphobix

Shrug by Agoraphobix
Shrug by Agoraphobix

If you just wanna cover up your arms so you can still show off the top under it, your in dire need of a shrug!
this one is one of my favorite pieces of all time, this corset hoodie pink leopard faux fur shrug is funky, fun and fab! also keeps your face warm with a super soft faux fur lining.

And now for the important part, coats.

Coat by Agoraphobix

I have a serious coat  fetish which has cost me a lot of money throughout the years, but the good thing about that, is that now I can create the coats in the cuts that to my idea are work best for us girlys!
This uber cute pink purple leopard clinched waist coat is so stylish and flattering (waist definition is super important when layering) plus it has the best ever Tim Burton style stripe lining inside for a super cool, touch!

zebra jacket by Agoraphobix
another slightly lighter jacket is this uber cute zebra and pleather coat, that has got a super cool high collar, and zebra fleece lining so your guarantied not to get cold!

 coat by Agoraphobix
bomber jacket by Agoraphobix
Big fuzzy coats will always do the trick when your freezing, Like this 2 toned pink and blue big buttoned leopard coat, its big fluffy and super girly, and will look like modern take on the 60's (almost famous anyone?)over a pair of jeans!
But for me the ultimate winter coat, is the fluffy bomber jacket.
Its got a high collar so you wont frees your neck, a sexy short cut that looks great with jeans skirt or a dress, and its big and fluffy so it will keep you warm and cuddly while rocking out your favorite  print, like this one in wild blue leopard bomber jacket

Varsity jacket by Agoraphobix
Varsity  jacket by Agoraphobix

As additions these alternative style Varsity  jackets always do the trick for me, they are super warm on themselves or under a coat, and they look completely funky when you go out with them!
try out a skull print or star print for some extra fun!

I also found some warm and fuzzy items for you to make sure you dont freeze in other parts too!

Iron Fist boots
First I promised you some Iron Fist heels, so here they are,
Iron Fist heels
Im infatuated with these pink Ladies Garden Secrets Platforms that will go with any pencil; skirt, pants or dress, you name it!

Also these Sweet Skull O Mine Boots are sexy as hell have got killer style and they are sure to take you on your feet from day wear to date wear:)

plum flap hat by FunkyBlink
cat hat by qutewear
On the hat department I found a few kick ass options, from this awesome purple knit hat with earflaps by FunkyBlink, To this kitty ear sweetness hat by qutewear ( that could easyly fit in the kitty ear blog I published a few weeks ago).

Mohawk hat by secundblush
dragon hat ningenheadwear
I could not ignore these 2 attention grabbers, first is this uber creative dragon hat by ningenheadwear that is guaranteed to make you pop out in the crowd, and this super cool mawhawk cap by secundblush that can give you an edgy punk side in an instant (looks so good it makes me miss my Mohawk!)

twinkie chan cupcake scarf

In the scarf department there is always one girl for me, twinkie chan never misses out, just check out her awesome new cupcake scarf you wont be disappointed!

unicorn ear muffs by mlleclorofil
When I went looking for ear muffs I was pleasently suprised,
I found these to die for earmuffs by by mlleclorofil which have unicorns stitched all over them' so cute I couldnt resist putting them!!!

and last but not least, definitely crowned the coolest invention for winter are these earphone ear muffs by the web site "geeks stuff for you" that come in an array of designs, they are fluffy and you can rock out your favorite tunes with them while keeping warm!

Earphone ear muffs

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