Winter - dont cover up, rock it out! new collection from Agoraphobix

set by Agoraphobix

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Winter is a time of contradictions  its the funnest because you get to cuddle with you cat/dog/man/blanket (just pick your fave) with a hot cup of coco and watch your favorite tv show. on the other hand, clothing is not optional, and must come in layers resulting in making you feel as attractive as a grizly bear. right? WRONG!
The best way to get over thet clothing winter blues is to try out some hot rocker inspired gear that is sure to blaze up your hottness wherever you go! just check out the latest collection Agoraphobix has for you!
You were born to Rock, live your destiny!

Top by Agoraphobix
pants by Agoraphobix
Starting with these super stripe bleach skinny jeans, they have metal zippers galore and a fit to die for, these will work great with a little top or even with a sweater for a day to day basis.
I paired it with this awesome "jack Daniels" top made out of a licensed t. I bleached the hell out of it to create a cool smoky look, and I slashed the back and added a large metallic zipper. this awesome top will work amazing over skinny jeans or even a pair of tight with some sexy high heeled boots.
Set by Agoraphobix
Vest by Agoraphobix
Vest by Agoraphobix
Also starring with the bleach pants is this wild medium pile fur leopard waist coat, with all the little details you need! mid zipper closure for extra waist definition, metal chain and large safety pin on the side for some shimmer and pyramid studs on the high neck line for a perfect punk touch  this little item works amazing over a turtle neck for colder days and over a black tank top when spring arrives.

Set by Agoraphobix

top by Agoraphobix
Im so into the black - white - pink combo you have no idea, it takes a classic combo to a whole new level you would not want to live without! 
try out this sweet little large houndstooth print turtle neck top, with pink zombie stitches on the front. its uber cool and oh so 80's inspired!

skirt by Agoraphobix
Skirt by Agoraphobix

I paired it with this slinky pink leopard & wet look spandex pencil skirt. its laungery inspired side panels with eyelet trim is sure to elevate you to that sexy movie inspired siren from the 40's with a modern twist.

Top by Agoraphobix
Set by Agoraphobix
Need a warmer option? try out this zebra fleece sports jacket, again super cute with the black white pink combo. Loads of pink stitching on this one, with a large pink zipper opening on the front and a razor blade charm on the zipper, this is a piece you really dont want to miss out on!
And if you like the leggings paired with this one, part 2 of this collection is coming up January 28th! you can preview the items on my pintrest:

Dress by Agoraphobix

Dress by Agoraphobix
Im closing this blog with a super shimmery little number, this glitter fishnet & jersey dress is uber hot, I love the shrug like sleeve with the architectural inspired triangle peep hole in the back, this one is the perfect little number for a hot date or a girls night out!

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