Tie dye To die for!! come and explore the world of explosive colors!

wow! its been a while since I'v written a new blog, but im so psyched about this one!
As you guys must have seen tie dye is the latest rage in my collections, I love the strong colors and the beautiful mix you can do with them. Im learning new technics step by step and the options are really unlimited. whichever way you go, adding a tie item to your wardrobe is a fun way of spicing up your look and adding a new bright perspective to you day!

Lets start with some items from my collections, Most of my Tie Dye items can be found in the "To Dye For" section in my online shop. here are some of my favorites:

top by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix
 I start off with one of the first items I ever tie dyed, this awesome purple pink tie dye swallow print slouch top, its fitted on the bust, but has that long slouchy " I dont give a damn" cut that I just love! Also from that batch are these super sweet purple pink lightning print puffer shorts - which are just bursting with blueberry kinda flava, they are amazing! I have a warm place in my heart for both as I used them for my beach bunnies lookbook for summer/fall 2011:)

I am seriously in love with this sweet & sour citrouse neon yellow & lime tie dye slouch basketball racer top with bullets printed all over it! its soooo cool! 
And if you add some peach to it you get these awesome neon green - yellow - peach tie dye swallow print 4 pocket pants. these are seriously a one of a kind find, the colors are just mind boggling and the fit is oh so sexy!

If you like tie dye pants but your not looking for  a brights statement color, try out these sexy decay tie dye 4 pocket skinny jeans, coming up on January 30th! they have a tough street wise look woith a sexy fit to boot!
pants by Agoraphobix

I went all 90's grunge with this sweet little pink & green tie dye top, I gave it a classy long sleeve V neck cut, and I added loads of spider web prints all over it, and some neon pink zombie stitches to jazz it up.
top by Agoraphobix

skirt by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix
Mini skirts are always a fun way to feature some tie dye, Like this sweet as candy neon pink tie dye 4 pocket mini, or a rocking neon green tie dye mini skirt with skeleton hands printed on the front. 
The green mini pairs perfectly with this awesome neon green & yellow tie dye bird & heart print (special limited addition print by Lightmuch) fishnet racer top  (both up for grabs on January 30th!).

dresses are all the rage, and this neon pink tie dye & fishnet baby doll number is no different! the color is mesmerizing and the design is totally hardcore, with the black fishnet, O ring shoulder straps and hot pink pyramid stud on the bust this little number is definitely a looker!
dress by Agoraphobix

I love this classy purple & cyan tie dye tunic! its got one regular shoulder strap and one grommet tape strap for a metallic touch, and the cut is so effortlessly cool, over some knit tights, spandex leggings or even your favorite pair of jeans, this is the perfect look at me item!
tunic by Agoraphobix

When I went looking through etsy for some complimentary accessories I wasn't expecting every thing to be tie dyes (obviously) I just wanted to feature some pieces with the same spirit that can go great with a tie dye piece, or as a statement accessory on their own.

I love these tie dye hair featheres by artwearmiami, they are really such a fun little item - great for a party or rave when you really want to stand out in the crowd!
tie dye hair featheres by artwearmiami

tie dye socks by tiemee

Enjoy the wacky colors not only on your upper body, let your feet go wild! check out these tie dye socks by tiemee, super cute and guarantied to keep you warm.

tie dye allstar by DoYouDreamOutLoud

Tell me you dont love these tie dye allstar converse by DoYouDreamOutLoud, they are so much fun!

I cant take my eyes off the striking pattern and colors on this tie dye scarf by Rudman, its so effortlessly schick, just throw it on with a plain black sweater and your ready to go.

tie dye scarf by Rudman

you can carry your love for color around with you, check out these tie dye custom bags by SwirlySensations, they are super roomy, and perfect for day to day use as for school. 
tie dye custom bags by SwirlySensations

purple batik purse by PouchStyle

If you need a pretty colorfull purse to keep all your change in, this purple batik purse by PouchStyle will definitly do the trick!

try writing down your thoughts and feelings in this sweet tie dye book cover by JillC25  its just the right amount of color to pep your happy thoughts!

tie dye flask by LiquidCourage

A little fun never did anyone no harm, next time you go out try sneaking in liqueur with this tie dye flask by LiquidCourage, sure you probably will get caught, but with such great style;)

rose dome pendant by artintheround

Jewlary is a great way to wear tie dye as its small and can add alot to a plain outfit.
Check out this beautiful rose dome pendant by artintheround - I love the classy rose mixed with the zany colors!

 pendant by susanwilliamsdesigns

Any rock chick would adore this guitar pick & star pendant by susanwilliamsdesigns ( I know I do), its the perfect combination of color and fun to party the night away!

tie dye resin bangle by Lunaricsales

Try on these tie dye resin bangle by Lunaricsales for a fun 80's vibe, 

summer tie die bracelet by nitnattt

or this sweet summer tie die bracelet by nitnattt for a blast from the past.

ART by RMBArtStudio
I found these two art pieces which I just love, they are perfect for brightning up your home or giving light to a dark corner, check out RMB ABSTRACT Melding Colors Tie-dye Painting ART by RMBArtStudio,

art by sanddansart

Last but not least, I totally fell in love with the tie dye vintage jeans by kaleidoscopeeyesvtg, these seriously rock! 
they are torn, studded mangled cut and dyed to perfection to suite any girl with a rock n roll heart!

vintage jeans by kaleidoscopeeyesvtg

So, I hope you like the collection I gave you. keep your positive spirit up and remember: tie dye isnt just a hippy relic, its a fun way of adding a splash of color to your life:)


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