Tartan, from granny schick to punk freak:)

set by Agoraphobix

there is a lot of history behind tartan.

Originally woven in Celtic populations between 400 BC to 100 BC, to the more known Scottish version where it was worn and used by clans to identify each other,
through its high fashion peek in the Victorian era, plaid tablecloths in the 50's
and all the way to the punk adaptation of it in the 1970.

I love the verity of play you have with this print, it can look edgy and rebellious on a pair of pants, or upscale and high society as a decor at home, cute and innocent on a girl wearing a plaid sarafan dress or granny Schick on a shopping bag or as a little dog outfit.

So in this blog I have all items lovely and tartan! some are from actual tartan, some have just a tartan print,but all are extremely funky:)

I have been a fan of tartan for a long time. I worked with it ever since I started making cloths, I love the bold colors and the contrasting look you can get by using this fabric.

most of my tartan print items can be found in the "punk army" section on the Agoraphobix online shop.

here are a few of my favorites:

This green tartan and "mosh pit addict" print top has got an effortless cool factor, its great for day to day wear or even for going out clubbing. It has the best ever double D ring tie back shoulder straps allowing you to create loads of looks with these, plus they look really awesome:)
top by Agoraphobix

If your looking for a Vixen look a corset is a must for you!
I made this gray tartan and skull print zipper boned corset with that intent, you can keep the punk attitude with the tartan but if you pair it with a pair of tight pants or short skirt its a bomb shell look for sure.

corset by Agoraphobix

corset by Agoraphobix

corset by Agoraphobix
2 waist clinchers I really like is this classic red tartan and pleather
waist clincher with the red corset tie on the front, its really classic and matches so many outfits.the second is this gray tartan waist clincher. Its more demure, meaning you can actually wear this one to your cousins wedding without receiving the evil eye:)

on the pants department I have so many options to choose from it was almost impossible to downsize it, but these definitely represent something of each kind:

going again with the classic red, these tartan skull and "mosh pit addict" print pants are just the essence of punk for me, I love how the white simple prints blend in with the red and black.
pants by Agoraphobix

When I saw this black and white print tartan print drill I completely fell in love with it.
I made many things out of it, and also a few memorable pieces from my last photo shoot. these pants were created from it too. I kept them simple by giving them a straight leg cut, but I added a hardcore touch by adding zippers to the back pockets.
pants by Agoraphobix

set by Agoraphobix
hot pants by Agoraphobix

On the shorts department I went for these red green tartan and mosh
pit addict print shorts, loads of attitude on them and a hot little cut that is comfy (they got some stretch in them) and sexy.

Looking at the skirts I have, I knew I had to put this classic school girl cut mini with a twist. the skull and star print on it makes it a bit more fun and way more unique than another ordinary ruffle mini skirt (and its also at a lower price sale on my etsy store!!!)
skirt by Agoraphobix

The next skirt is my take on the classic Scottish kilt. Its got pleats on the front, loads of metal chains, D rings and grommet tape details, and its got a bum flap on the back. how cool is that?!

skirt by Agoraphobix

Dresses, a must have in any closet tartan dresses are fun and they can go to any direction you want depending on how you accessories it.

Take this green tartan bat sleeve cut dress, its so classy and it will look great for a date or dinner but if you add a pyramid stud belt it transforms into a super cool day to day wear dress.
dress by Agoraphobix

In the next dress I combined my love for punk with my love for vintage 50's cuts.
I made this dress out of stretch red tartan jersey, but I gave it an unexpected twist with this Marilyn Monroe style halter cut bust line, on which I printed swallows and added a stretch lace lining for a feminine touch.
dress by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix

Last from  my collection has to be this, I made this dress for a fashion show I had a while back,
and its still one of my favorite items (this dress is made to order and sells on my site too:)
I gave it a flattering princess cut torso with a pleated short front bottom half which becomes longer in the back.
and who can resist these pleather and D ring V shaped shoulder straps and the grommet tape D ring and hook strap in the front?

And as usual I have a few lovely items I found for you on etsy made by super talented girls to complete this highlander look.

First in my selections are the hair accessories.
These tartan and skull barrets by nattybratty are super cute, plus they have rhinestones on them, taking them to a glamour side:)

barretts by nattybratty
I also loved these kitsch heart tartan bobby pins by Inkabilly, so cute and delicate and they are perfect for securing those nasty flyaway hair bits in place with style.
bobby pins by Inkabilly

If you just want to get out of bed, and fix your hair in place without taking the time to get it all made up these headbands are the perfect item for you!

this yellow tartan crown headband by ZidishaLuxe is just adorable, I love the crest and the zesty lemon color. It looks like a headband from Harry potter, I just love that preppy charm:)
headband by ZidishaLuxe
hair bow by gobbolino

headband by poison pinup

If your feeling rebellious, this gray tartan and metal chain headband by poisonpinup is the
perfect choice,or if your into a more of a 50's look try this red tartan 50's hair bow by gobbolino.

And super awesome idea for you to go wild with are these tartan hair falls by VixenSingsBlack, take the rebellious  look to the extreme!
hair fals by VixenSingsBlack

now for jewelry. I had loads of options, but as we all know I'm a sucker for bright colors and fun shapes!

earrings by zebracakes

earring by IndyGrrrlProductions
these fun tartan bow plastic earrings by zebracakes and the pink tartan heart plastic earring by IndyGrrrlProductions are just right up my alley, fun pretty and totally kitsch they remind me of hello kitty gone punk:)

I was so happy when I saw this schoolgirl plaid bracelet batch by greenbelts , not only do they
represents the heavy assorted bangle look of the 80's, they are also environmentally friendly as they are made of fabric and hardware leftovers!.
bracelet batch by greenbelts

A throw back to the past for me was this woven rainbow plaid friendship bracelet by QuietMischief, I used to love making those as a kid! and They are always a good gift idea:)
bracelet by QuietMischief

If your looking for something a bit more high end to go to a fancy event with, try this plaid swarovsky cuff by ShineyObject. Love the arrangement of the stones ,and I love shiny things, so pretty much spot on ha?
cuff by ShineyObject

As I was going through necklaces I was really surprised as to how many cute thing I found!

take for example this large glitter heart necklace by exousia, its definitely unique, and I love the use of the tartan print over the glitter heart pendant.
necklace by exousia

Tea anybody? this mini red tartan thermos necklace by kittyrobot just tickles me in the right spot, I love tiny versions of things you can find around the house!!!
necklace by kittyrobot

A choker with tartan has an edgy touch that I just love, check out this fairy wing red tartan choker by runnickyrun, lots of lovely small details in lace and perfect for a clubbing outfit.
choker by runnickyrun

One of my favorites has to be this Alice collar necklace by ciaoNINA.
I love the idea! now all of us can channel a bit of Alice in our everyday look.
Alice collar necklace by ciaoNINA

Any girl that loves her sweets will love this pink tartan cookie like ring by dirtroadsouth. it looks so sweet and real you want to take a bite out of it!!!
ring by dirtroadsouth

And after you finished choosing your small accessories, how about seeing how you look in these tartan heart pocket mirrors by KaelaMills?
mirrors by KaelaMills

Ok so you will need something to carry all of these lovely items in.
bag by LucyBlaireCreations

bag by borislovednatasha

look at this uber cute pink tartan owl makeup bag by
borislovednatasha (I
looove the little owl!!!), or if your into yellow have a go with a yellow plaid tartan makeup bag by LucyBlaireCreations.

bag by thecottagecupboard
purse by kibosh
I also found big bags for every taste! a vintage loving girl will
love this Scottish highlander bag by thecottagecupboard.
Are you a girly girl? try this pink tartan bag by kibosh with its delicate handle and classic demure gray and pink pattern.

If your into tearing up the mosh pit, wear a bag that represents! this punk tartan band poster bag by UniquelyDifferent will definitely do the trick.

bag by UniquelyDifferent

If you want to add a touch of tartan I would warmly recommend this obi wrap bow tartan belt by voknits. it will look amazing over a slinky black dress, or over a gray wool skirt with a black turtle neck sweater.
tartan belt by voknits

I know its march but its still a bit chilly, so a scarf is still a must for me. this rustic fringe ruffled cotton scarf by AccessoryRequired is full of color and its got that amazing ruffled cut that will
transform any simple outfit to high style in a second!
scarf by AccessoryRequired

Still feeling the chill? these green plaid spats by joelmasouza will go straight over your shoes, leaving you warm and happy with a fashion statement that says it all.
spats by joelmasouza

And last but not least, I want to throw you back in time, with these  Vivian Westwood shoes from 1993.... oh if I had the money I would totally rock these! well maybe some day:)
Vivian Westwood shoes

So grab your self a tartan item and go drink a beer, these items are
made for a good time:)
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