Stripes stripes stripes, red and neon, all in this weeks new collection!

set by Agoraphobix

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This week im broadcasting to you from vacation in the beautiful Eilat (and that's why im a day late... sorry guys but I didn't have the time yesterday:))
I have to say I was really looking farwards to publishing these new items, they are so much fun and really great grabs to kick start your winter wardrobe. but you know what, Im not going to say anymore, Ill let the cloths speak for themselves, so here we go!

First up is definitely a personal favorite of myn, this neon green & yellow bullet print slouch racer top is seriously one of the coolest items ever! I hand dyed it to perfection and added these bullet prints for that hardcore touch, this baby is ready to take you out clubbing, or even on a day to day walk with a great hoodie jumper, its seriously a traffic stopper!
I paired it with these stripey black & white death rock inspired pants, with loads of grommet tape details and a skinny leg fit, these are really pants that will match anything, and will allow your unique style to shine through.

Also paired with these pants is this awesome red black V shaped stripe hoodie top.
Its made out of a super cute knit fabric that keeps you body temp up, and the colors are a classic! plus who can resist that awesome V stitch detailing in the front huh?

And last but definitely not least, Im loving this red foil star print cliched waist dress, with a black fishnet uper torso - with short sleeves and a scoop neck. I also gave the bust line that perfect heart shpe, this dress is  made to create beutifiul feminine flowy curves and to have that sexy peekaboo effect with the ishnet. Its classy but sexy, the perfect match!

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