Skeletons in the closet!!!!

pants by Agoraphobix

I know it seams like this blog should have been on halloween. I know you may seem suprised it came out now, but I think skeletons are fun sexy and hold their own cool factor, all year round!
When I went on a skeleton hunt this week I thought nothing will suprise me, I thought I'v seen it all and that I wont be able to find things that are out of the norm (face it, when you'v been into skulls and skeletons for a few years youu feel like nothing can suprise you, because they do have a tendancy of repeating the same idea), but boy did I find some awesome finds for you!
So lets kick start this whirlwind with a few clothing items shall we?

top by Agoraphobix

top by Agoraphobix
I will start with the most classic, tops.
I have these 2 sister tops, the first is this black classic short sleeve skeleton hand print top (made to your size!),
and the second is its wintery sister, the red black offshoulder skeleton hand print long sleeve top.

top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix
I had to put some tank tops here, because winter wont last forever and soon summer will come, and this pink skull triangle tie back top is simply adorable and will look super hot with a pair of tight skinny jeans.
The other top I had to put was this glitter pinstripe and skull triangle top, its classy fun and will take you from day to night, no questions asked!

corset by Agoraphobix
corset by Agoraphobix
I had a hard time choosing corsets for this blog, as I use the skull motive alot, but no other corset displays that like this red and black pleather skull patch waist clincher, or this green skull cross and pleather boned corset, which is a total unique item you shouldnt miss out on!

dress by Agoraphobix

This tartan and skull bustier dress ooses sexiness and is deliciously curve hugging. No man will resist you in this slinky number:)
Dressing your bottom half, these camouflage and skeleton hand print pants have acual skeleton hands printed on the front pocket creating an x-ray illusion when you put your hands in them.

Capri's by Agoraphobix
shorts by Agoraphobix

On a more graffitti inspired style I made these cute neon skull and splatter shorts that are just a perfect fun item for the hot summer days.

These super comfy skeleton guitar and star print capri pants are a must have, as they made out of the softest jersey ever, and they are a great item to lounge aound the house with or to go out with a cute black top.

skirt by Agoraphobix
If you need a really hot item for day to day wear or for a smoking night out, this corset skull splatter and leopard print pencil skirt is perfect for you, its got a classic high waist 50's waist line, skimming on the hips and tapering on the botton for that perfect hourglass figure.
For a more fun comfy option I have this bleached jersey skeleton hand print mini skirt, super comfy and super hot!

On the accesory department, as I said I was so pleasently suprised!
headband by KirahleyKreations
I started off at the hair depatment, where I found this awesome skull and lace headband by KirahleyKreations which is seriously super adorable.
clip by lifespreciousdestiny

fish skeleton earrings by grigiodesign

When I went to look for earrings I almost squeeled for joy when I found these adorable roboskull earrings by aselfportrait which are super adorable, 

Moving on to the neck area, this super cute knitted neck warmer by theyarnival is so creative and will be a perfect addition to any outfit.
neck warmer by theyarnival
Necklace by devils jewls

Neckalces, were the hardest thing to pick and choose from because there were so many styles I tried to focus on finding something from every department.
On the more dark gothic side, I found this beautiful lady skeleton
necklace by devils jewels, which is super classic and will look great with any tank top or corset.

skeleton necklace by HappyBaby822
for a more day to day look I found this super cute black sweet skeleton necklace by HappyBaby822 which I seriuosly love! its got a long chain so its versitile, wear it long and loose for a more day to day street look or wrap it twice around your neck for a charm like sexy look!

skull necklace by keepthesugar
I also found a glittery fun option in this glitter skull necklace by keepthesugar its super adorable and is a most have for all you kawai lovers out there.
Ring were more scarce, but again I found some awesome options, including one for your man!
This gold skeleton hand ring by JewelerJim immediately cought my eye, it looks super classic but its still got an edge to it.

pixel skull ring by donmoti
mens fishbone ring by letsch
Another cool option is this sweet pixel skull ring by donmoti, its totally fun and unique!
And if your man has been a good boy lately, I can suggest you boy him this awesome fishbone ring by letsch, I love the precise cut and the cool idea.

And if you really want somewhere to store all that awesome jewlary I found this super cool skeleton hand wooden box by ThePeddlersCupboard.
Keep you secrets safe under the firm arm of the dead:)

Till next time!

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