Ruffles and lace have to be the case!

dress by Agoraphobix
Ruffles! are they an outdated relic of the Victorian era or a fun option to experiment?
Big small lace or tulle, ruffles are certainly a matter of taste, but to tell you the truth, I havent met many girls who dont like a small lace ruffled trim, its all a matter of how much and where you put it.
Personally I love ruffles, I love that you can add volume where its needed, or accentuate an area you want to show off with them ( great trick to all you girlys who want to create curves, a ruffled bikini will surely do the job!). Ruffles have a wide variety to me, from fru fru delicate girly innocence to stiff Victorian ruffles that stand up on their own, I think ruffles are a great way to celebrate femininity and have some fun, from small delicate ruffled pantys to big dramatic ruffled collars, every girl should have a piece that represents her!
in my collection I use ruffles in all prints materials and sizes,I love playing around with them to create drama or accentuate a part of the body.

dress by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix
I start off with dresses, I have so many kinds with ruffles I really had to choose my favorites.
First up is this gorgeous vintage inspired pink leopard and swallow print ruffle trim halter dress, it
inspired by a classic pinup dress cut, but the frills on the bottom give it a sweet girly touch.
Still in the pink but going bright fuchsia, this pink zebra yoke dress has got a pink zebra bow on the front and the oh so needed ruffles to give it a funky touch.

dress by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix
This pink houndstooth and bat print dress is also in the pink, but its got a super classic princess cut. the ruffles add a flirty edge to it:)
going for a more fighter attitude? try this pinstripe "mosh pit addict" princess dress with ruffles. I added corset ties on the sides for contrast to the masculine statement of the dress.

Another option is this ska print princess pleated ruffle dress. the main colors are black and white but you can add a splash of tint by adding a colorful satin ribbon to the corset in the front. I chose pink:)
dress by Agoraphobix

dress by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobi

And now for the two darlings of my dresses, these two have the same cut, super flattering with a
corset on the front and a tiered layered ruffle skirt with loads of lace to complete this girly fantasy. 
If your a hopeless romantic  go for the heart print one, but if you want to rock out you have to go with the skull splatter and leopard print!


top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix

I have 2 options in these, one is a super cute pink and black heart print and the other is a leopard skull and splatter print.
For tops I have a few super cute options, like this pink leopard yoke and ruffle top, its in baby pink with 2 heart buttons in the front completing this super adorable look.
Need something even stronger? this pink zebra ruffle racer top will definitely do the trick! the ruffles give it a sort of a butterfly effect that i just love.

Pinup is always a good style choice, looking great on both curvy and boyish cuts. This red and white polka dot and swallow print halter top is so flirty and sweet, I added the ruffled hem to give it a special touch.  

top by Agoraphobix

corset by Agoraphobix
corset by Agoraphobix
A waist clincher as you know for me is a must, it really adds a special touch to any outfit.
These two are certainly up to the task! Going for a kawai look? this red bunny and leatherette waist clincher has a corset tie on the front and a black lace ruffle trim around the edges, cute with style!
If your into something more "black tie" this black on black fleur de lis waist clincher is definitely for you. again with the black lace ruffle trim, I added a white corset tie on this one to compliment the black.

skirt by Agoraphobix
skirt by Agoraphobix
And as always skirts are on my mind. go wild with this orange houndstooth ruffled hem mini skirt! its got a lace trim on the ruffles and a sweet lace bow with a heart stud on the front for just the right touch.
One of my favorite skirts is this metalic fleur de lis print cheerleader skirt, I added a metal D ring and hook applique on the front to complete this vixen skirt.
Or you can try this blue and black polka dot skirt, with a ruffled hem and a classic swallow print on the front, its super lightweight and just perfect for those hot summer days.

skirt by Agoraphobix

While I was looking for accessories I was surprised to see how inventive people can be when it includes these beloved ruffles. just check out these awesome finds I have for you!

hair bow by Folk

This white tool hair bow by Folk  is just so effortlessly perfect, just clip it on and your ready to go, perfect for those special events you just don't want to spend hours getting ready for, this will definitely do the trick!

good old times:)
hair pin by alaparisienne
A more daily option is this black white polka dot ruffle hair pin by alaparisienne, I have a special affection for these hair rose clips, I used to wear them all the time when I had my mawhawk, and I still keep them cause they are a fun add on on any hairdo.

pins by chelseapapercakes
Bow by PipersPiggiesPlace
For a lovely winter style you have to check out this Winter Silver Snowflake Boutique Bow by PipersPiggiesPlace. Makes you wanna celebrate Christmas all over again doesn't it?
And who can ignore these fluff bobby pins by chelseapapercakes?  just so flowery and perfect!

I just love this Blue Leather and Straw Ruffle and Bow mini hat by absolutequeen, its so 20's! so go and turn on your  flapper girl charm with this hot item.
hat by absolutequeen

As for scarfs and neckwarmers, there were a dime a dosen, but these awesome pieces just stood out, they are definitly items you should check out!

Scarf by LolettaDesigns
the Stella Linen Ruffle Scarf by LolettaDesigns is just high fashion, really, if you want to look like you just walked off a runway this is the way to go, I love the volume of it paired with the clean gray 
making it a beautiful item to add to any closet.

scarf by SewSimplyKate

This zebra ruffle scarf by SewSimplyKate just popped out of the page for me, what a great way to wear your favorite zebra pattern and add some color to your outfit?!

I have a special place in my heart for crochet items, I think they have a homey feel with a warm vintage touch, and Im a huge fan of granny chick as you may know:)

neckwarmer by mademoisellemermaid
the crochet lace neckwarmer by mademoisellemermaid plays on that completely, I love the classic cream color with the cuddly feel it has and the awesome lace trim!

ruffle collar by labellefairy

This next option is really a statement piece, the venetian lace large ruffle collar by labellefairy is a great way to add that old world touch to your basic items, I think it will look amazing over a gray dress or just a plain black turtle neck.

collar by misfichic

And if your really into drama, try this red black ruffled collar by misfichic, again this is a statement piece, so try to pair it with a classic black top for the full wow effect.

fingerless gloves by voknits
On the glove department I have some adorable options for you, these wool ruffle button fingerless gloves by voknits are a perfect way for you to feature ruffles on your day to day wear, how smart will these look with a classic jacket?

wristlets by SquirrelsNest
gloves by ZenAndCoffee
 A sweeter option has to be these  bunny ruffle wristlets by SquirrelsNest, they are warm, sweet and got bunnys and lace, what more do you need?
And these victorian lace gloves by ZenAndCoffee really blew me away, I love all the little details and the color combination, naughty but nice!

sushi cuff by CozyArms
Summer always leaves us with exposed arms just waiting to be accessorized, try this Garden Party Cuff - Bracelet by panthapyre for a granny touch with a punk feel (isn't the olive green just amazing on this?)

Bracelet by panthapyre

or this awesome ruffled sushi cuff by CozyArms, I just looove the idea (im a huge sushi fanatic so this just hits the spot!)

ruffle spats by voknits
Ankle Cuff Spats by moxvox
Spats are a great play to this vintage theme of ruffles, try out these classic Black and White Ankle Cuff Spats by moxvox, I love the modern play on an old favorite in these.
Or you can try a slightly more adventurous color scheme with these queen of hearts stripe ruffle spats by voknits, I love the brass heart button and the playful look they create!

All my photographer friend, listen up! I didn't abandon you!
I found this awesome ruffled camera strap by SwankyCameraCouture, its cute and fun and will definitly dress up your camera for a fun photo-shoot.

camera strap by SwankyCameraCouture

bag by CositasGarciaMorgan
If your shopping for the perfect bag, look no more! I have some awesome choices here, like this roni ruffle bag by CositasGarciaMorgan, its feminine girly and perfect for spring!

bag by GlamBaby

and for a school spring option, the ruffle butterfly bag by GlamBaby has to be it.loads of space for all your books and pens with a great print!

purse by lynnemariestuff
bag by LilDarlingDesigns
For my Emo punk babes I found this super cute zebra ruffle top bag by LilDarlingDesigns,
Or try  this adorable skull ruffle purse by lynnemariestuff, for all your makeup and tiny objects you have to carry around with you!

Leather bag by Stacy Leigh
bag by ChaviByBGD
If you like the classic style bags you have to check out this crochet ruffle bag by ChaviByBGD I love the cream and purple with the wooden handles!
Or you can try out the Natural Edge Ruffle Bag in Beige Leather by Stacy Leigh, its girly and fun and the beige color will look great with almost any outfit.


I was never a big fan of fannypacks, but this waist purse by KINIES in Dark Teal is just great! what a cute play on an old concept!

clutch by letsglamup

If your looking for a classic option for night look try this ruffle clutch by letsglamup, eggplant purple and lavender is always great color combination and the volume of the ruffles is just beautiful.

And off course how can you do a blog like this without adding underwear and bikinis?

panties by IsabellaEve
these pink satin ruffle panties by IsabellaEve are just super sweet, have a great color and will be a great surprise to any lover boy!

panties by Espalore

Arent these Jasmine ruffled side-tie panties by Espalore just to die for? I would seriously wear these out with tights and a corset, they are to good to be worn only indoors.


bra by JoyTheSeamstress
bikini top by vengeancedesigns
If you want to glam up your knicker draw try this ruffles and rock bra by JoyTheSeamstress, a must for any glamazon out there, so many details and such a great color combination.
I had to add this ruffle red latex bikini top by vengeancedesigns, I love the craftsmanship on this bra, and the ruffles on the shoulder straps sure add a special touch.

It is getting hotter outside and what could be more perfect for a day on the beach than this Abigail in Red Bandana bathing suit by FablesbyBarrie? I just need a cocktail and Adam (my lovely husband XOXO) dressed in a sailor suite with this bikini and im ready for summer!
bathing suit by FablesbyBarrie

And if your into zany colors this For The Frill of It All Ruffle Bikini by MySugarDoll is all about that! I mean seriously, who can resist leopard print ruffles and purple all mixed into one?!

Bikini by MySugarDoll

Till next time!
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