Polka dotaholic! shopping therapy for you polks dot addicts:)

dress by Agoraphobix

who doesn't like polka dots? they are fun, they are flirty and very reminiscent of the 50's.
Polka dot can be innocent, sexy and very girly. I think they are the perfect print choice for summer!
so here are some suggestions how to rock the polka dot look without looking like you have the chicken pox.
May the polka dots rule this summer, and leave those pseudo romantic flower prints behind!
You can find most of the polka doted items in my collection under the "rockabilly diva" segment,
here are a few of my favorite items!

top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix
Let start off with this super cute pink polka dot and skull print halter top.
Its the perfect choice for summer, very reminiscent of the 50's with the halter cut, but with a skull print as an alternative twist!
If you want to take that 50's theme even further, you have to try out this red polka dot and swallow print halter top, complete with ruffles on the bottom to really show your sweet girly side. this will look total amazing over any pencil skirt, or just a good old pair of jeans.

top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix

Ill continue with the girly theme with this super sweet polka dot and yoke
racer top, I gave it ruffles around the shoulder straps to complete its flirty look.
Another monochromatic option is this polka dot and sweet skull print tie back camisole top. its super lightweight and has to be the perfect option to wear on a hot summer day!

top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix
Or try out this lavender polka dot and skull print princess top, its streetwise, the cut is super flattering for all body shapes and it has grommet tape shoulder straps to keep your tough attitude.
A great day to day option is this hot pink polka dot slouch tank top,complete with double shoulder straps and a bow button on the front.

top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix

try out this teal polka dot scoop neck t shirt, its got sweet stitching and 2
heart buttons for extra cuteness, and it is seriously irresistible!
If you want something sexier, this pink polka dot satin bow bustier top is the perfect little number for a hot date.

And If your still cold, or want an extra item for your winter closet, this pink polka dot and swallow print long sleeve off shoulder top is just the perfect option, the shape is super flattering and the colors are bold and will definitely light up your winter wardrobe.
top by Agoraphobix

And you will want to pair these cute tops with something right?
well these skirts are so adorable, they can be a show stopper all by them selves!

mini by Agoraphobix
skirt by Agoraphobix

Pink is definitely the color to go here, in the bold pink I have a great day
to day option with this polka dot and skull print mini, or a sexier option for a night look in this polka dot spandex and lace little number.

Not feeling bold enough for bright pink? try out this light pink polka dot and swallow print mini!

mini by Agoraphobix
To be honest, the classiest way to wear polka dot is definitely in dresses, so here are a few cuties to lighten up your day!

dress by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix
For a great comfy daily look, this blue polka dot print scrunch waist dress is the perfect option, its super airy and just aching to be warn out in the sun!
If you want a look that can take you from day to night, this little hot pink polka dot and swallow print dress will do the trick! wear it during the day with some laid back flip flops and with your hair down and for night, give your hair that sexy 50's like Gwen Stephanie swirl bangs and pair it with some peep toe shoes and your ready to go!

dress by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix
If your craving for some kick ass polka dots, try your super powers with
this polka dot and lightning dress princess dress, its got double shoulder straps and slashes in the back, AND its on sale now on etsy, so you can get it for a great price too!
And the red polka dot dress is the last one, super sexy has an awesome fow on your bod and has a swallow print and a little white satin bow. it cant get better than that can it?

Now were moving on to my drop dead gorgeous accessory hunt, and boy do I have some finds for you! thanks to all the talented etsy sellers for making such awesome items!

Just Imagine yourself fixing your hair with this uber adorable polka dot skull hair bow by cuteandcreepyinc, its just pure cuteness!

 skull hair bow by cuteandcreepyinc
green earrings by MistyAurora

If your looking for a classic vintage inspired pair of earrings, try out these green polka dot
earrings by MistyAurora,

jewlary set by Fashionsbyizzie

or take a look at this red polka dot jewelry set by Fashionsbyizzie for a complete classy set.

I love love love these sailor earrings by runningwithscissorss, it just makes you want to sing for the navy!
 earrings by runningwithscissorss
Tea time is always the best time (who can resist those finger sandwiches?!) and it will be even better with these cute polka dot teacup earrings by laylaamber.
teacup earrings by laylaamber
Or for a sweet rocker look try out these guitar pick earrings by loreleiParlor, wear them with your hair puffed up, they demand it!
guitar pick earrings by loreleiParlor
bird charm by ACharmedObsession

Some fun items to adorn your neck include this simple and
sweet bird polka dot charm by ACharmedObsession,

cake charms by BakaKoneko

 or these yummy looking polka dot mini cake charms by BakaKoneko, they look so good you want to eat them!

Just try and pick out one of these adorable rings, its almost impossible!

heart polka dot ring by CsCharms

I love this black white heart polka dot ring by CsCharms, the classic black and white works so well with the playful polka dot print!

heart ring by MadebyLinLin

And how about this pink sparkle heart ring by MadebyLinLin? perfect heart shaped and glitter! the girly dream come to life!

piece of cake ring by zefora

A real conversation piece is this Minnie mouse piece of cake ring by zefora, I love it so much,that cake looks so real!

cupcake ring by PiecesOfMePendants

And you can now share your love for cupcakes with the world (I have loads of pastry inspired items this blog huh?) with this adorable polka dot cupcake ring by PiecesOfMePendants .

These sweet felt polka dot cuffs by madorange are so down to earth and homey they remind me of my childhood, I love the fun and playfull colors they come in.
polka dot cuffs by madorange
polka dot belt by JLRibbonGear

 you can now wear polka dots on your waist too. with this bright yellow neon polka dot belt by JLRibbonGear you can satisfy both your polka dot craving and your need for fluorescent colors.

bracelet bag by bluecalla

I found some cutesy bags for you that I really love, like this bracelet bag by bluecalla, Im seriously contemplating on buying it for myself so get it while you still can!

zebra polka dot bag by jjonni
pink polka dot bag by jjonni

Or try out these two bags by jjonni, I couldn't choose between this pink polka dot one and the
zebra and polka dot bag so I decided to show case both!

This black and white polka dot clutch by FA2u is a great bagget to put all your tiny valuables when you go out at night.

polka dot clutch by FA2u

polka dot purse by PinkOasis

Keep all your small change safe in one of these babies, either this blue polka dot purse by PinkOasis

polka dot undies purse by luxfordst

or  these polka dot undies purse by luxfordst will do a great job!

flask key chain by dabbledesigns

I love this orange polka dot flask key chain by dabbledesigns., its such a sweet and girly twist to a basically manly concept.

cat toxido by SnoopCattyCatt

And If you think your cat is safe. you wrong! dress him up in this sweet polka dot cat toxido by SnoopCattyCatt for a black tie  dinner party hes attending.

polka dot squid doll by squidsinc

If you prefer your pets to be less needy, you can cuddle with
this sweet polka dot squid doll by squidsinc,

piggy bank by Dizigns

Or adopt this polka dot piggy bank by Dizigns. he will pay you back by keeping your pennies safe:)

Last but not least is this awesome polka dot phone by CarriesKreations, its so 80's you just simply cannot resist it!
polka dot phone by CarriesKreations
So rock your polka dots any way you want, they are made for girls who just want to have fun!



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