New yummy gear up this week!!!

top & skirt by Agoraphobix
This collection is full of classic pieces in black and white to fill your closet, but each has a special touch that makes it totally unique and one of a kind!

skirt by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix

The first set I just love is this black and white rose print high waist skirt, which is a super classic item, hides big hips if you need it to and looks good with almost any colored top! I paired it with this uber sweet rockabilly inspired polka dot and swallow print halter top, sexy, retro and fun!

skirt by Agoraphobix
skirt by Agoraphobix

If your into shorter skirts you have to try this orange hounds tooth and "destroy" print mini with grommet tape straps. Its fun bold color is definitely an eye catcher and its attitude is totally punk.

Another punk inspired item are these red pinstripe and  bullet (red over white, looks very old style newspaper print) print pants, they are full of hardcore feel and they go with almost anything. who wouldn't want day to day pants like these huh?

pants by Agoraphobix
Show your love to your music with this super cute heart headphone print halter top, its lightweight so its great for the hot summer days coming up ahead, and its got a sexy V neck line cut and double tie shoulder straps giving it and instant cool look.

top by Agoraphobix
And as the finale piece, this checkered ska inspired cheerleader dress has got ruffles in the bottom, a super flattering princess cut on top and X shaped shoulder straps. and what could make it better that a pink corset tie laced through grommet tape on the front?

dress by Agoraphobix
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