New wild rainbow colored collection out now!!!

dress by Agoraphobix

dress by Agoraphobix

Im in love with the items I have this week! sometimes the hard work just 
pays off:)

This week I have this super pretty multicolored stripe baby doll dress, with 2 button on the shoulder straps (1 big and round and 1 purple heart, so cute!), and a super sexy slinky pink leopard dress with a skeleton hand print on the front.

pants by Agoraphobix

tights by Agoraphobix
I also have these super fitted red and black vinyl pants that are to die for, and these incredibly awesome neon rainbow snakeskin and spandex tights I absolutly love!!!

top by Agoraphobix

top by Agoraphobix

On the top section I have  these 2 stripy long sleeve tops: the 80's zany V stripe pattern long sleeve hoodie, and the blue stripe sleeve & riot print long sleeve top.

skirt by Agoraphobix
skirt by Agoraphobix


On the skirt department I have this evil sexy foil star & spider web print mini and this uber cheeky bleached denim and heart razor blade print mini skirt.


New items out now!!!

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