hardcore colors to wash away your winters blues on this weeks new collection!!!

set by Agoraphobix
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Oh happy days!!! the rain is back all is gray wet and cold, perfect for me, as Im a huge winter lover!!
but even though I like the monochromatic surroundings, It dosnt mean I don't like to be color full and happy, even in these cold rainy days!

so my winter collections are happy and happy, made to reflect how you feel inside:)

top by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix
So for my first item this week, I present this super awesome tie dye neon green 
and neon pink spider web long sleeve top, keeping it fun with the shiny colors but with a touch f evil with this cool spider web print.
I also gave it extra long sleeves like my girlies love and a flattering V neck line with neon pink zombie stitches to complete the look!

I paired this top with these effortlessly cool white denim skinny jeans, with zippers printed all over them for that 80's touch and a black spray paint mist to give them that street appeal. they  fit amazing and are definitely that hot little item you have to have in your closet!

pants by Agoraphobix

top by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix

Also paired with these skinnys is this sexy turquoise star print fishnet racer
Its super sexy and perfect for clubbing or even day to day wear - its definitely a check me out piece:)

skirt by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix

 schick, It will work great with some strong colored pantyhose and a sweater, or with a lightweight top for summer. I added some neon pink pyramid studs on the front to give it an edgy look.

And you know I wont leave you guys without a hot dress! this pink and black star print Rockabilly inspired halter dress, is simply sexy - with a sweet flirty ruffle on the hem that really makes it stand out!

Also , Dont forget the 40% off special items for November in my online store, Like this sexy metalic fleur des lis print boned corset, with mini corset ties on the bust , and many more items, only on www.agoraphobix.com!
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