Fun prints and high fashion cuts, let your inner diva shine through at this weeks new collection!!!

Coat by Agoraphobix

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New week, new collection, and boy do I have a list of new treats for you!
Coat by Agoraphobix
Pants by Agoraphobix

Check out this super sexy pink & purple leopard print high neck Victorian cut jacket, the waist line is scrunched for a feminine look, the fit is just amazing, and it has a black & white stripe  satin lining! what more could a girl need?
I paired it with these awesome black & white spray paint zipper print skinny pants, they are super sexy and made to fit your figure to perfection, with a little nod to 
the 80's:)

set by Agoraphobix

skirt by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix
Im loving this turquoise zebra & glitter fishnet racer top! I added a zipper on the front for a sexy rocker touch, so this top is definitely the one you would want to go out on the town with!
I paired it with this uber feminine black & white rose print high waist corset pencil skirt, its curve hugging in all the right ways, and is guarantied to turn you into a 50's pinup kitten in no time!

set by Agoraphobix
Dress by Agoraphobix
Dress by Agoraphobix

If you want to keep your street cool and still be girly, this awesome silver & white stripe off shoulder slouch dress is made for you! Its super comfy, and has long sleeves to keep you warm, while the cut is effortless and fun to wear.

Im happy to say, this December is a celebration of discounts! not only I still have the holiday coupon in my web site (look at the top of the page for more details:))
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Check out this super cute green skull & crossbones pleather boned corset and many other items listed there for unbelievable prices!

Corset by Agoraphobix
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