Fun Christmas inpired gear you can wear all year round!!!

Polka dot swallow top by Agoraphobix
there is something super corny about holidays and holiday cheer, and yet its addictive somehow. you cant not get carried away with the mood!
everyone is out food shopping for the big dinner, and as the evening creeps up the street get quite and there isn't a soul outside. everybody is getting organized to go to their family dinner.
So you go and get ready, you put on your makeup, and fix your hair. you go to dress up open the closet door and .... nothing. somehow between being festive and dressing up something huge was missed. Your stuck with the choice between choosing the wonderful red green and white reindeer knit sweater your nana gave you last year or the super slutty misses clause dress you bought for that costume party a while back.
How do you stay true to yourself while being festive and marry? that question sticks with me every festive dinner.
I dont want to dress like a dolly and be all precocious but there is no way Im wearing my clubbing gear to dinner either!
I dedicated the past week to searching the web for some cool Christmas gear you can use for the holiday, and after it to, since its not overly Christmassy and still has that alternative rebel appeal you like. Im a solid believer in buying things you will use more than once a year!
So I went on my magical search to Christmas land, where red green and white are an acceptable combination and tinsels are considered a lovely bonus. Where grown people are suppose to wear clothing with elves on them and Rudolfo nose is cold because hes cold, not drunk!
It wasn't an easy trip believe me, in the land of oversized shapeless sweaters that make YOU feel like Santa!
But I did find some nice surprises that will warm your heart and will make your headache from all the caroling go away!

tartan zipper pants by Agoraphobix
tartan splat & skull pants by Agoraphobix

we all know that a combination of green red and white is the trick, but how the hell can you make that cool in day to day wear? well usually just a combination of 2 of the colors, but in some exceptions even three!

For example check out these punk tartan and skull fabric pants, they have all the festive colors but will still look super cool after the holidays are over!
Tartan splat dress by Agoraphobix
tartan gown by Agoraphobix
Also, try out tartan, its wooly and warmer and still has that gift wrapping feel, just look at this super cute short tartan and splatter dress, or if you want to go for a more fancy look, there is this awesome long layered tartan gown or its baby sister the layered tartan skirt that is sure to be a show stopper at any celebration!

tartan and skull mini by Agoraphobix

On the more casual  side I have this super cute tartan and skull print mini that will look totally awesome in these cold winter nights with wool leggings.

tartan and sparrow print bag by bluebernice

and you dont have to wear tartan to own it! I found this awesome tartan and sparrow doctors bag from bluebernice that will jazz up any outfit, 
tartan lace and stud purse by folk

and if you want a purse I found one to! its this cutest ever tartan lace and stud purse made by folk

tartan  dress by Agoraphobix
tartan layered skirt by Agoraphobix
If your not into bringing punk to the diner table, how about rockabilly? this super cute swallow and polka dot ruffle top is very domestic in a 50's style and will look awesome  for day to day wear or even for going out!
On the sexier side, try this uber slinky 50's inspired tartan halter dress with a swallow print and lace lining. with this one Christmas will be hot hot hot!

snowflake earrings by veryvintage
Skull choker by Devils jewls
As for accessorizing, these snowflake earring by veryvintage are so cute they make you want to make snow angels.
For a darker sexier christmass this skull and crossbone choker by devilsjewles is so amazing you will want to wear it all year round!

zebra cuff by Agoraphobix

a red zebra cuff will look the part in any major gig, and will still be accepted by your relatives as a funky red Christmas accessory

candy swirl pins by fatally feminine designs
On the sweeter side, I found these yummy trinkets by fatally feminine designs. Im especially in love with the candy can swirl hair pins and the red velvet cake charm.

swirl dread falls by NuclearDoll dreads

And if you really want to stand out in the party, these fire engine red and white candy swirl dread falls by Nuclear Doll dreads  will sure do the trick.

skull scarf by Kteis

And finally to keep you warm I was so happy to find this amazing hand painted scarf by  Kteis which is so unique you will want to wear it constantly, 

Jeremy Scott‘s bone heels
Last but not least, I had to feature these drop dead gorgeous magenta red bone - bow shoes by Jeremy Scott‘s range for adidas SLVR collection 2010 ( I want I want I want!!!) the whole line was inspired by the Flintstones.Sadly its a limited addition and there were only 4 pairs made (which prices are probably sky high) but hey, a girl can dream cant she?

velvet cake charm by fatally feminine designs
So I hope I gave you something to cheer about, and have a super happy fucking merry Xmas!
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