Black & white stripes, leatherette skirts & metalic dresses? new collection from Agoraphobix out now!

Set by Agoraphobix

Spring is usually all about pastels, flirty colors and delicate designs. right? wrong! this spring is all about girl powe! show off your own inner iron maden in these amazing new items from Agoraphobix. so are you ready to unveil the real you?

Top by Agoraphobix
Leggings by Agoraphobix
shine with a river of silver with these awesome disco ball silver wet look leggings, with grommet tape accents on the sides & back, a high 80's inspired waist line and a heavy zipper fly on the front, these are definitly made to rock your world!
I paired them with this super comfy shimmery long bat sleeve slouch top. with V stripes in white silver & gray  this piece will also work  perfectly for a casual day look with a tight pair of skinny.

Set by Agoraphobix

Shrug by Agoraphobix
Dress by Agoraphobix

Wondering what to wear over your fave top in these chilly spring evenings? try out this awesome little checkered knit shrug! its knitted fabric makes sure you atre warm n comfy, and the monochrome color palate matches almost anything!

Dress by Agoraphobix
Dress by Agoraphobix

I wore it for example over this hot hot hot  fishnet & jersey silver heart shaped bust dress. This one is fitted to your curves to a T, and the cool fishnet panel gives a sneaky peek look without showing too much skin:)

Top by Agoraphobix
Top by Agoraphobix

If your looking for the ultimate go to cool top for your day wardrobe, look no more, this is it! a super soft knit jersey black & white V stripe slouch top that will look absolutely amazing with anything. try it with a high waist top, or even over your fave pair of jeans or leggings, this little number got your cool factor sorted out in every way!

Set by Agoraphobix
Skirt by Agoraphobix
I paired it with this amazing high waist leatherette circle skirt with grommet tape & pyramid stud accents (im totally in love with this one so hurry up and grab it before I take it for myself!). this little skirt is soooo flattering, it works great for day or night and the metalic accents really make your inner biker chick shine out!

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