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dress by Agoraphobix

It s a known fact I have a serious fetish to everything that is animal related. besides having almost any sort of pet while growing up (including hermit crabs, snakes and owls) I love love love animal prints! all foe off course, fur gives me the shivers and reptile skin feels horribly alive on a wallet (which depresses me so much).
I always loved the wonderful textured shapes the reptile skin has, it is truly like some oriental painting you cant take your eyes off (or  like those annoying dot pictures I could never see the whole picture in, seriously, I tried) well anyway my point is, its as sexy as hell, looks beautiful and can be found in so many colors and fabric types its mind blowing! So im dedicating this blog to the wonderful snakeskin print, may it be green, brown or neon rainbow, I salute thee!

I made extensive use of snakeskin throughout my collections, here is a selection of items you
can get on my shop that you don't want to miss out on!
python tights by Agoraphobix

The first ones up are my all time favorite, tights. I have a massive collection of snakeskin tights
that are just perfect under a skirt or dress, or even just with a top for a
cool rocker look.
tights by Agoraphobix
A few I wanted to present here are, these amazing blue python and spandex tights, the blue is so deep its sheen looks just amazing with the black shine of the spandex, Also you cannot ignore these pink snakeskin and black spandex tights, that are sweet as candy but still have a wild side,

 In the same style I have these amazingly awesome neon rainbow snakeskin and black spandex tights that are just to die for (im having a hard time keeping my paws off of these!) .
tights by Agoraphobix
tights by Agoraphobix
On the more ornate side I have these purple snakeskin tights with bullet prints that are just full of attitude and are guarantied to catch the attention you need, or these cian snakeskin and spandex tights with grommet tape straps that give them an instant metal headbanger charm.

tights by Agoraphobix

corset by Agoraphobix
corset by Agoraphobix
On the corset department I have this pink snakeskin and black
leatherette full corset, I added pink corset ties on the front for a super sweet touch that is so yummy you could just eat it! 
All you sexy gals will find your match with this black leatherette and green snakeskin amazonian princess corset, completed with O ring details on the bust and grommet tape and O ring shoulder straps for extra comfort.
I also had to feature this amazing dragon scale interchanging metallic leatherette and black vinyl waist clincher, completed with grommet tape straps  for a rougher edge. This corset is so unique it will make you stand out of the crowd for sure!
corset by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix
On the dress department I have 3 kick ass little pieces, A hot hot hot
purple snakeskin and dragon print bustier dress that is perfect for going out mid evil sex vixen style,  or this sweet cian snakeskin bleeding heart print dress, perfect for day to day wear with tights or for a night out with some fishnet stockings.
Another neon rainbow snakeskin and black spandex mix I have for you is this amazing toxic snake bustier dress (will be listed for sale soon so check back for updates) you have to make sure you get this one, it is indeed a one of a kind piece for a one of a kind girl.

top by Agoraphobix

skirt by Agoraphobix
dont worry, I didnt deprive you of tops and skirts, a pink snakeskin and
black spandex garter belt inbspired lace trim mini is the definite way to pick up the beat of any night, and will be paired beutifully with this edgy pink snakeskin and black spandex zipper trim bustier top

leotard by Agoraphobix

And I had to feature one of my all time favorites, this uber sexy pink snakeskin and black spandex body suite, a deep V neckline is tempting but not to revealing, and the hood gives it a streetwise schick. wear it on its own as a bathing suite (yup its waterproof!) or as a top under your skinny jeans, you really cannot go wrong with this piece.

Pair your chosen item with one of these amasing accesories and I assure you, you will be the sexiest chicka in the district!

leaf earrings by SydnorWorks

I found this beautiful pair of  snakeskin leaf earrings by
SydnorWorks - super elegent and will match almost any outfit you have.

stud earrings by shopfoundobjects

Also these pyramid snakeskin stud earrings by shopfoundobjects are so wonderful I just jumped
for joy, they come in almost any color you could want, and they have an instant punk touch that completes any look.

choker by sillycut

If you really want to dress up and reveal your inner Elvira try on this snakeskin choker by sillycut ,
I just loved the bead and lace details she added to the sleek snakeskin base.

green snake pendant by carawaycreek

A more playfull option is this green snake pendant by carawaycreek, specially designed elegantly for your neck, and it reminds me of the of the Orion from "the never ending story" always a good thing to reminisce on:)

bandanna scarf by earlykooka
I have two scarves for you freezing gals, the sophisticated snakeskin bandana scarf by earlykooka which will look amazing with a V neck top, super tight jeans and flat slouch boots.

snake scarf by frog dancer

Off course I had to put in a sweet version of neck wear, I know
this knited snake scarf by frog dancer is for kids (but hey, so are tricks:)) I wouls wear it any day, its just so adorable!


snakeskin chain bracelet by cmydesighns
I found alot of bracelets that were amazing, but I wanted to keep this blog clean (i.e. no snakes were harmed  during
the production of this blog) without featuring any real snakeskin items, it made my job harder, but its so worth it,
I found this pink snakeskin chain aluminum bracelet by cmydesighns that is super unique and
lively with its amazing pink color. 

green snakeskin cuff by psysub

Also on a different style, this green snakeskin cuff by psysub is amazing, it will work for boys or girls and matches the green snakeskin leatherette corset I featured here perfectly:)

bracelet purse by meganleone

Last but not least, and always a personal favorite, bags.
here is the perfect option to add some snakeskin to you fashion in a classic way! well.. not really, you know me, I just love edgy things, and I cant feature any plain old boring snakeskin print bags!
the first item I just love, is this bracelet purse by meganleone, it looks like you have to go on safari with this one, the idea is super smart and the execution is even better! take a look:)

snakeskin tote by TimelessTotes

Another amazing fint is this red snakeskin and flower applique bag by TimelessTotes, its so pretty and will look amazing with the black snakeskin chocker featured in this blog.

And the last one is probably one of my favorites, this red snakskin vintage style hand bag by snazz is just what the doctor orderd, sleek classy and yet super edgy, with the best ever clasp opening . What more could a girl want?
snakeskin bag by snazz

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