A pink happy collection that will make ya do the jitterbug! out now!!!

dress by Agoraphobix
Who can resist pink? really,  its such an addictive color!
this collection is all about the pink hues (and some reds and turquoise for contrast:))

top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix
starting off is this adorable 50's print halter top (its got pinup girls, dogs, crowns, diamonds and skulls!), I gave it a lace trim around the neck line and a big black satin bow on the front for extra cuteness!
I also have this adorable pink leopard and front pocket racer top, its super casual and will look funky with a pair of jeans or with this awesome turquoise zebra and spandex lace mini skirt I paired with it. This couple is just to hot!

skirt by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix

 I was so into leopard this week I have another vibrant option for you, how about this awesome canary yellow leopard print racer top? a serious must in any alternative girls closet!
I also have another sweet as candy floss option for these hot summer days, this pink polka dot slouch top, is so cool, its got a lace trim on top and 2 heart buttons on the front for some extra cuteness.

Its time for corset of the week! this time im listing this uber gorgeous magenta zebra and leatherette bat print boned corset, fully inspired by death rock this piece is seriously a one of a kind, guarantied to make you stand out in any party.

corset by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix
 On the dress department I have two rocking options, the first is this badass red and black stripe bullet print princess dress. I edged it out with some grommet tape shoulder straps and slashes in the back to turn up the heat!
And If your striving to embody that sweet 50's vibe, this pink polka dot and swallow print halter dress is just what you need! I added a lace trim on the bust and a satin bow to make it even sweeter!

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Pants by Agoraphobix
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