A hard days night or 2 markets in 1 weekend!

A happy market pic, Kate and I resting after a long sale day

you are probably wondering where I dissapeared and why wasnt my blog posted on saturday?
Well I had 1 super buisy weekend you guys! you wouldnt believe it!
It started out a few weeks ago when I was notified my favorite market in Tel Aviv the Zipper Alternative market was going to take place on the 29.10 so we could pre celebrate and prepare people for Halloween. Obviosly I was thrilled, Not only my favorite market to sell in but also on the best holiday ever? how great is that?!
It was also a chance to bring some extra items for sale at a lower price to get people in the mood to do the monster mash, no problem. piece of cake!(or so I thought)
Then I was notified that there was another market in my home town of Haifa (04 in the hood!) and that they want me to sell there. I actually was happy because it was on the following day and I wouldnt really need to unpack everything, just keep moving the merchendise along:)
So I started sorting out what I wanted to take with me and left the finishing touches of preparing the items for sale to thursday, knowing I had the day off and that I would have the time.

Later that week I got a call from work asking me to take a shift on thursday. As someone who has 2 kittys to feed (one is huge with a very healthy appetite and weighs 8 killos) I took the shift so my babys wont go hungry.
That was when the insanity began. After I got home at around 5.30 pm and got a bit of food in my tummy (pasta is yum!) I started working on the cloths, as I slowly realised that I  misscalculated the amount of work I had to do. I had to prepare twice the amount I usually bring to the market ( I brought a whole lotta stuff for the sale) in half of the time I usually have.
I freaked out.
Since I sew everything myself  I have to clean each item from threads, make sure it has a lable and add a price and size etiquet on each item, Not to mention I have to do a list of everything Im going to sell so I can keep track of what sold and what not.
I recruited my lovely husband who sat with me for houres and prepaired the cloths  with me, so we sat together in the middle of a mountain of cloths ( a dream scenerio for me at any other given situation). And its a good thing I did make him work in my mini sweatshop! we finished everything at 2.30 am when we had to get up and drive the 1.5 houre drive to tell aviv the next morining on 8 am.
obviously we didnt wake up early enough so we left at around 8.45 but we did get there on time, it even rained a bit on the way to my suprise (yup I know it sounds strange but here in Israel the winter starts at around december  if were lucky!)

my super cool stand
pretty Kate wearing my clincher!!!!

We got there and set everything up, and I was so happy! I just bought a new double clothing stand which looked absolutly fab with the new collection hanging on it!
Sales went great to my joy ( as I said I needed the cash for my kittie:)) and I was more that thrilled to see Kate, who sells the most awesome handmade jewlary ( and you may also remember her as my faithfull and talented photographer from fashion shoots such as Rockabilly forest blowout and Death Kiss - City Hall) wearing a snakesking waist clincher she bought from me the last market.
I wish Kate could wear all my cloths, her figure is amazing and she is so pretty, what better advertisement could I ask for my cloths ?!(it worked too, people came over to my stand after they asked her where she got her clincher, Love ya kate!!!)
Kates jewlary' my neckalace is on the bottom left!
Kates super jewlary!!!

As the day wined down we started trying on each others stuff, Kate decided to take a tartan pencil corset tie skirt and a tartan and skull print cheerleader skirt, And I got the best ever musical note necklace from her (m soooo happy I got it, it fits so great with my cloths and Im so going to use it on my next photoshoot!)
Also we may have decided on a possible photoshoot collaboration (watch out its a teaser:)) between her awesome jewlary and my cloths. How cool is that?

tired after a long day
my cuff display
After that we packed up and drove the long way back to haif, singing along with the radio and making complete fools of ourselved the way we like (who cares, its only us in the car, and If I belive my creaky voice is good enough who can argue?)
When we got home we decided to pig out a bit and we ordered 2 hamburgers from Kanibar, our favorite burger joint. Obviously we were completely out after that long day and all the food so we fell asleep and unfortunately missed the party I wanted to go to at the city hall.

my babe and I chilling
The Next day we woke up and did the whole thing over again, Carying the merch down to the car, driving to the venue unloading it and putting it up. I wish I could say the second market was a great success but it wasnt (it was low on people which kinda made selling hard), Although I have to say since it was the first time this market was on its kinda understandable, I do believe it will grow with time:)
love it when chicks wear my stuff!

my hair pin by Palina!!
But I have to say not all was lost, I did get to hang out with a few great people, some I haven't seen in years, and I did get myself this awesome skeleton hand hair pin that Palina made (im totally in love with it, I havent taken it off since the market!)
After all that we went home, and believe me, we went to sleep like kings! Im so greatfull to Adam for helping me out or I would never be able to pull all of this off, Im telling you, the man can de thread, orginise and sell (he IS like superman!)

zebra ear scarf anyone?
So What do I have for you prettys this week? Dont think you lost out cause you couldnt get to the markets!
Im putting up lots of goodies for you at awesome prices for you to enjoy before the holidays! Each week I will list all sorts of skirts, tops dresses and other items at super low starting bids on ebay so you can get some great deals for yourself or maybe as a present for your friends and family.
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And dont miss out on These super cool punk skull, "mosh pit addict", and "destroy print pants and this uber cute knit hooded dress with a pom pom and swallow print that I featured in my blog a few weeks ago and Im listing now.
On the sale front, Im listing this super cute polka dot and spider web top, some hot red leopard & destroy hot pants and some of my favorite skirts like the stripe and heart razor blade print mini and the leopard zombiefied print mini.

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Chilling after the market is fun!!!
So Go and buy some awesome items for the holidays:)

* Photos by the talented Lior Kraisler and Chen Aviv
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