80s kitch glamour and glits!

hot pants by Agoraphobix

oh the 80's!
the colors, the cuts the over sized items and total camp nicknaks that
are just too damn adorable to ignore. It was a special period by far
( to my opinion the fashion nation was swept away on some extremely
strong hallucinogenic drug). 
I find the color schemes, iconic symbols and cuts fascinating and I try to incorporate them in almost every item I do (I also have 2 main lines that feature this love, Dance On Glass and Street Beat). 
So I decided to dedicate this blog to the wonderful 80's, not actual items from the period, but inspired by, adapted and made to bring back the spirit of the time with an edge to suit this
time. shall we call them 80's inspired street style items?
So lets go!

top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix
I will start my whirlwind tour with some uber cute tops, this kiss print princess top is a homage to
the prints I was talking about earlier, and the pink and black color scheme complements each other so well!! Going on with this color them, this pink and black polka dot and zipper print bustier is just iresistable, so special and so out there you have to love it!

top by Agoraphobix
younger I had a sneaker print sweatshirt which I just loved and this top is so reminisent of that:)
Moving on to a slightly different cut, this big stripe V stitch slouch top is just so cool and effortless, just put it on and walk out in pure style.


top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix
Still feeling the cold bite of winter? no worries Iv got some 80's
inspired duds to perk up your winter closet!
vintage piece of fabric and its so cute Its got what I call a kindergarden schick!
Another super cute option is this pink and gray stripe hoodie with kisses printed all over it, pair it with jeans for day to day wear or a hot denim mini skirt and tights for a super hot streetwise look.

jacket by Agoraphobix

Still cold? just wrap this medium pile leopard print fur bomber jacket around your shoulder (this is so "200 cigarettes"  style!).

corset by Agoraphobix
corset by Agoraphobix
Thinking of a vixen look? try this neon green and skull print corset, it always reminds me of the
gloomy goth clubs of the 80's but with a death rock twist.
This neon splatter denim and leatherette waist clincher is definitely one of a kind, Im so in love with this denim fabric! you can match it up with these neon splatter denim pants made out of the same fabric:)

pants by Agoraphobix

hot pants by Agoraphobix

capri's by Agoraphobix
Another hot little piece are these stretch neon splatter hot pants,
one of my favorite items ever, they are so smoking hot and they glow under black light, making them the perfect clubbing shorts.
These tartan and zipper Capri pants are super comfy, they are perfect for lounging with around the house or for going out.

tights by Agoraphobix
tights by Agoraphobix
And how can you rock the 80's look without tights? these two legging will do the trick any day,
you have the red ones with stars printed on them if your into a red and black mood, or these pink and black destroy print tights (fabulously matching the tops I featured before!)

If its a skirt your looking for, I have just the ticket, this pink and stripe patch pirate skull print skirt reminds me of the goonies, its awesome and it has tons of atitude written all over it:)

skirt by Agoraphobix

dress by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix
As for dresses I couldn't resist putting these 2, this polka dot and heart
button baby doll scrunch waist dress is one of my favorite items, its colorfull fun and crying out for a sunny day.
For a going out look, this hot pink zebra yoke and ruffle dress is perfect, its got loads of little details such as the zipper trim around the yoke and a big pink zebra print bow.

Are you looking for accesories? you know I found them for you!

leg warmers by mademoisellemermaid

 An essential 80's item in my eyes will always be the leg warmers,they are knitted, comfy and bound to give you that flashdance kind of feeling.
These rainbow knitted leg warmers by mademoisellemermaid will do the job perfectly, they are long AND multicolord, who can resist that?

leg warmers by twosugarpeas

On a more fluorescent side you have these super awesome leg warmers by twosugarpeas, im totally infatuated with the piano key ones!

Another quick fix for warming up is this must have rainbow and cloude knit scarf by CatBanana, I love the expressions on the clouds face, they are priceless!
scarf by CatBanana

Off course as we know, in the 80's hair was the thing, but im not going to give you big hair tips (those will come in another blog) Ill just show you these uber cute finds to dress your hair up:)

clip by emmaB

I featured EmmaB's hair clips in an earlier blog, but they suite this one so well I had to put her here again, because this pink cupcake XL hair bow is just one of the sweetest things ever, and is so reminicent of madonna's early style.

barret by madlittlehatter
clip by sundropclips
When I was a kid I had a top hat brooch I just loved (hat pins were all the rage back then) and that why I love this mini top hat barret by madlittlehatter.
And if were into childhood memorys, this felt catterpiller hair clip by sundropclips looks exactly like the one in a childhood book I had so how can I not have warm feelings for it?

barret by MafiosaGrrl

Another felt option , this arcade barret by MafiosaGrrl is deffinitly one of the coolest and kookiest ideas I came across, I has to give thumbs up and feature it here. 

Let go over some jewlary now shall we?
earrings by heartSunshine

I found these gorgeous feather earrings by heartSunshine that are surely a must have, they are super delicate and yet theyr flashy colors are such an eye catcher.

ring by ChocolateMintCrafts

These lego rings by ChocolateMintCrafts are a good choice for any tom girl who misses her childhood toys, and they come in such a veraiet of colors you can match tehm up with almost any outfit!

necklace by HighStrungBead
pendant by HighStrungBead
This next artist does such pretty things I had to feature two of them, you have to love this "I love nerds" necklace (oh revenge of the nerds anyone?) and this rainbow road pendant which I just love for its fantasticly radiant colors.

bag by kleinlevy
 I had feature these 2 bags from kleinlevy because I just couldnt choose one, these are seriously my dream bags, I love the graffiti work on them, with loads of layers details and colors!

pouch by abreakastudios
and now for your smaller items, this mixtape pouch by abreakastudios is perfect for carrying all your important small items (lipstick, phone etc) and if you need a protector bag for your Ipad, you have to by this adorable Ipad pouch by nokomomo, who can resist those printed 80's shades?

belt by MeowKikiClothing

As for belts, This bow waist clicher belt by MeowKikiClothing is by far one of the most kitchi and wonderfull items I found for this blog, I love it to bits!

piggy bank by starless

As you know I always leave the more suprising items for the end of and these are it:
you can imagine my squeels of joy when I found this rainbow piggy bank by starless, think about putting all your small change in that sweet thing!

tassles by CheesecakeBurlesque

I was contemplating if I should put these pasties by CheesecakeBurlesque under jewlary or clothing (well arent they jewlary for the nipples?) , but I decided to put them here, as they are definitly the most interesting pasties I have seen in a while! I love the spiraly rainbow vibe they have, if your into pasties these are the sweetest ones by far.

And as a finally I must give thumbs up to this awesome Rainbow Bright corset by TheVintageDoctor, its so beautiful, and the styling in this pic is so pretty. besides Rainbow Bright is the rolemodel for many of us, right?
corset by TheVintageDoctor

so what can I say, love them or hate them, the 80's sure were special! mix and match items from here with your wardrobe for that funky kitch touch and you will be dancing hystericaly in the streets in no time:)

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