Preview our denim / spring photoshoot and inspirations!

We love our denim, its classy, fun and effortlessly sexy.

When we went to shoot our upcycled denim line, we were really excited, we wanted to bring you that cool calm factor jeans have, with a sexy sultry colorful and fun style your used top get here at Agoraphobix!

So we decided to go with the most iconic look you can get, the Brigitte Bardot look - 

Clean, healthy glowing skin, with thick cat eyeliner, natural toned lips and healthy wavy glowing hair. just the way we want to look in spring!

We used flashy colorful shoes, biker boots and cool minimal accessories to compliment this awesomely vibrant line.

Our photo inspiration also came from the iconic Guess Jeans girls like Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith and Amber Heard.

so here are a few sneak peek views of our behind the scenes ( check out sample shots of our upcycled denim line), make sure you sign into our newsletter to get updates on the line release, remember, there is only one of each item, so grab your fave pair right in time for the spring / summer festivals:)



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