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Love Those Leggings Competition! click to enter for a chance to win a pair of Agoraphobix printed leggings!

Love those Leggings Competition!


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We love leggings, and we know you do too!

Want to win a pair of insanely awesome Agoraphobix Printed Leggings

Follow these 3 easy steps and your in!

1. Follow our Facebook Page

2. Sign up for our newsletter (where you get an extra bonus - 10% off your next order from our site, double win!!!)

3. comment below ( in the facebook comment box) which size and print you want.

    Choose between:

    1. silver leopard printed leggings
    2. skull printed leggings
    3. Monster printed leggings
    4. metallic rainbow leggings
    5. neon safari printed leggings
    * sizes available: from XS - XL

that's it, your done!

winners will be announced on our March newsletter and Facebook page.

Share the love with your friends so they can enter and maybe get a free pair of printed leggings for themselves!







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