Top 10 funniest 90's music videos you must see!

so yeah, the 90's are back baby and you know it!

its back in fashion, and its back in music. As we sit and remember these 90s hits and awesome times, lets take a look back at all those music videos you might have forgotten all about, and are great for a lough!

So here they are, all these awesome 90s songs in no particular order.

1. Boys II Men - Till the end of the road.
R&B was big in the 90s. not only big. it was huge! and soulful boy bands just kept popping up like mushrooms in the mid 90's singing silly 90s love songs and ballads that rocked the world... at least for a month.
Not only is this song oh so silly, check out the guy wearing sunglasses and holding a cane. what unfortunate styling decision said looking like a blind man would be a sexy boy band look? 

2. Sin with Sebastian - Shut up and sleep with me

 " Your young, your free, why dont you sleep with me?" The essence of meaningless 90s dance music. Every 90s kid loves this one! We love this song, you love this song, its as catchy as hell! and we could never resist men with neon fluffy sweaters.

3. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
first off - its Vanilla Ice. that means its immediately funny. He was the first real white boy rapper, before Eminem, before frat boys rapping like they were just signed by death row records AND Jim Carey made a super funny version of this song . But Kudos to the ice man, cause hes got a good sense of humor and he's all about laughing at himself (check out that's my boy with Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg) .
4. Sir Mix- a - lot - Babys Got Back  

we would get flogged if we wouldn't include this one, its one of the best 90s music videos. between the classic 90's high waist jeans and and  killer lines like "my Anaconda don't want none unless youv got bunns hunn" this is truly poetry at its best.


5. The Loonies -Iv got 5 on it  

Who asked for 90s rap songs?
Not only this is the most iconic 90s hip hop / rap music video, those girls have a constant wedgie from their things being stretched up so high. ouch!


6. Celine Dion - Its all coming back to me now

 Hello drama! the whole beauty and the beast theme is so over the top, from the castle, to braking glass and bad acting ( check out Celine looking for her boys ghost ). this video has it all!


7. The Beloved - Sweet Harmony 

 How did that guy get so many cute girls to sing along naked with him? 

Not that we have a problem with orgys, but really? a bunch of people sitting naked on the floor caressing themselves for 5 minutes?
8. Bloodhound Gang - The bad touch 
these guys know how to do funny stuff, and this video is definitely out there! way before Taylor swift, these dudes knew animal costumes are hilariousness. plus they want to do it like they do on the discovery channel, and that always good enough for us.
9. Take That - Do what you like
Ok so first this video is so targeted at the gay audience that its ingenious,  the excessive muscle flexing, dancing with food, banana hammocks over leggings and over the top weird poses make it so good for a lough (while thinking damn this is hot).
10. this entry is a double song!
Coolio - Gangster paradise
This video was shot so seriously, it can not be not funny. no way. 90s rap wannabe to the core! check out Coolio and Michelle Pfeiffer acting all gangster, with the funny shots of the backup singer sweating and singing in a hazy cloud. classic.
Weird Al Yankovich -  Amish Paradise
first, it pissed Coolio off, so big thumbs up on that one. second, he topped the original song for sure. classic lines like "raised a barn on Monday, soon Ill raise another" never get old!


So which ones did you like the most? Did we miss out on anything? vote for your top Funny 90s video!  post a comment below

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