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Its time for your post apocalyptic Betty Boop moment!

Keeping a positive vibe is super important, so when you have to wear a facemask, make sure its got a fun print that will make you smile.

handmade with love by yours truly, I make these super cute facemasks in loads of fun prints Made from 100% tightly woven cotton fabric as recommended for cloth face masks.
these are 3 layered mask with cotton top and bottom layers, and an inner felt layer for extra filtering and a ergonomic fit .
cotton fabric is super delicate on the skin so it doesn't cause irritations and is soft to the touch, plus its durable, reusable and washable.
2 elastic back straps for a tight yet comfy fit.

I make these from fabric cutoffs that I have , so they are green, and you can help the planet while wearing them!

available in sizes:
kids 3 - 6 years old
Kids - 12 years old
women \ teenagers

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