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There is nothing like a whimsical print to keep your spirits up when times are hard!
I believe in keeping positive and making the best of any given situation, and sometimes you just have to put a mask on! whether its for spraying jobs, dust cleaning or even just a light case of the sniffles a mask should be something that would be fun to wear, will make you smile!

And up for grabs is a mask designed especially for keeping your spirits up!
Super cute 3 layered masks, handmade with love by yours truly.
outer layers made from tightly woven 100% cotton fabric as recommended for cloth face masks and an inner felt layer offering extra filtering and a nice construction for the mask.
the cotton is super soft to the touch and very delicate on the skin.
Its durable, reusable and washable, with 2 elastic back straps for a tight yet comfy fit.

I make these from fabric cutoffs that I have , so they are green, and you can help the planet while wearing them!

available in sizes:
kids 3 - 6 years old
Kids - 12 years old
women \ teenagers

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