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every dark cloud has a silver lining!
So even if your down with the sniffles, or in need of a face cover in these apocalyptic times you can still rock the end of the world with style!

When we were notified everyone should wear masks to every outing due to the current covid outbreak I decided to make myself a mask that would make me happy,
the moment I posted a pic of me with my brand new cool AF mask I just got flooded with requests to add these to my line.
so i listened, and im bringing my masks to you!

Super cute 3 layered masks, handmade with love by yours truly.
top and inner layer are from 100% cotton, inner layer is felt, this combo gives you a mask that is up to 60% protection against the elements.
its soft to the touch, durable, reusable and washable, with 2 elastic back straps for a tight yet comfy fit.

I make these from fabric cutoffs that I have , so they are green, and you can help the planet while wearing them!

available in sizes:
kids 3 - 6 years old
Kids - 12 years old
women \ teenagers

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handmade reusable mask plague doctor mask surgical mask | cloth face mask plague mask rave mask apocalyptic clothing

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