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Bling Bling Leopard Print Tight As It Gets Mini Skirt

Bling Bling Leopard Print Tight As It Gets Mini Skirt

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Just a thing or two about leopards...

Leopards use their coat as a camouflage device, to keep them hidden from the eye of their pray and other predators. 
The leopard are solitary hunters and can be found in Africa, South West Asia and Siberia.
The spotted pattern so unique to leopards was evolved for camouflaging them within trees grasslands, their fur's shade changes depending on which habitat they come from.

Now, which habitat do you think this silver leopard print comes from? this totally rad Silver leopard print mini skirt is meant to shine and shimmer in pure rock star street style, Perfect for prowling the nightclub in hunt of fresh hot men!

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Fabric: Spandex Lycra

Washing Instructions: Hand Wash Cool Water



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