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Im loving this new collection!!!! I worked my ass off on it, and now its out for you to buy! be sure not to miss some of my favorites this week such as the bleached skinny jeans, the uber cute skull splatter bubble skirt and the lovely pink leopard and swallow print halter dress!!!

Here to bid to bid on ebay!!!!!

Here to see the new items on etsy!!!

Hereto see the new items on my...

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Debbie Harry

I was lucky enough to catch a show about blondie a while ago. It was quite a rare show, it was about performances they did in the past, not how the band was created ( these programs I have seen like a million times over and over again). It was a show for hardcore Blondie fans, (I dont believe any other person would sit through 2 hours of live gigs in the poorest quality shot in the 70...

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I love fashion
I live breath work and think about it most of the time, really I cant even control it!
Although I have to say, it wasn't always that way... I wish I could say I was one of those little girls that loved dressing up their dollies and barbies but I wasn't.
I was a true at heart tom boy. I liked playing outside, collecting grasshoppers and playing with my stuffed animal dolls. I was...

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