<3 <3 Fan favorite tartan riot skinnies, also on 40% off...

40% 40% off Agoraphobix agoraphobix clothing coupon printed pants punk punk pants punk rock red tartan sale size medium size snmall skinny jeans tartan pants

<3 <3  Fan favorite tartan riot skinnies, also on 40% off sale <3 <3 

was 70$ now 42$!

size S/M

just insert code “ gimmesome Agoraphobix ” at the checkout

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Trip Trip Trip! Etsy treasury featured Agoraphobix blue stripe...

Agoraphobix agoraphobix clothing etsy etsy finds Etsy items Etsy shop etsy treasury nautical printed pants skinny jeans sparrow street style Streetwear stripe pants

Trip Trip Trip! Etsy treasury featured Agoraphobix blue stripe swallow nautical printed skinny jeans! check it out on:

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Agoraphobix Agoraphobix clothing black black and white clothing corset dress etsy artitsts goth hand made printed pants punk punk pants shopping streetwear urban urban wear zebra zipper zipper art

Zipper dress by Agoraphobix

 most of us take zippers for granted. We see them as a means of getting our clothing on and off.
But if you think about it, really really think about it, zippers have alot of character. they do!
I find myself contemplating while sewing for quite a long time what zipper will work with a top or pants, what color, what texture. each choise makes a world of difference! putting...

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Tartan, from granny schick to punk freak:)

90's fashion Agoraphobix Agoraphobix clothing alternative clothing emo clothing plaid clothing printed pants punk clothing punk pants tartan accesories tartan clothing tartan dress tartan pants

set by Agoraphobix

there is a lot of history behind tartan.

Originally woven in Celtic populations between 400 BC to 100 BC, to the more known Scottish version where it was worn and used by clans to identify each other,
through its high fashion peek in the Victorian era, plaid tablecloths in the 50's
and all the way to the punk adaptation of it in the 1970.

I love the verity of play you have with this...

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Punks not dead! never in winter anyway!!!!

Agoraphobix Agoraphobix clothing boned corset printed pants punk clothing punk fashion punk pants red tartan skeleton hands skeleton hands top streetwear streetwear fahion

skirt by Agoraphobix

Hello babys good to be back!!!
I braved the cold, sewd my way through the coughing and sneezing and made this super spectacular collection for you:)
top by Agoraphobix

pants by Agoraphobix
this week I have some wish fulfilling items ant punk girl could want, check out these awesome red tartan skull and "mosh pit addict" pants, they are absolutely flawless!
Pair them with this...

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