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Pink ripped ombre bell bottoms, do grunge at its sexiest! 

new collection dropping in our online shop next week! 

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Throw back Thursday! outtakes from our "pink time alone" photoshoot , circa 2009.  We loved mixing patterns even back then, bat print, camo print and checkered ska never looked cuter!  what do you think of this look? Comment below ♥    

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We love our denim, its classy, fun and effortlessly sexy. When we went to shoot our upcycled denim line, we were really excited, we wanted to bring you that cool calm factor jeans have, with a sexy sultry colorful and fun style your used top get here at Agoraphobix! So we decided to go with the most iconic look you can get, the Brigitte Bardot look -  Clean, healthy glowing skin, with thick cat eyeliner, natural toned lips and healthy wavy glowing hair. just the way we want to look in spring! We used flashy colorful shoes, biker boots and...

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Love those Leggings Competition!   We love leggings, and we know you do too! Want to win a pair of insanely awesome Agoraphobix Printed Leggings?  Follow these 3 easy steps and your in! 1. Follow our Facebook Page 2. Sign up for our newsletter (where you get an extra bonus - 10% off your next order from our site, double win!!!) 3. comment below ( in the facebook comment box) which size and print you want.     Choose between:     1. silver leopard printed leggings    2. skull printed leggings    3. Monster printed leggings    4. metallic...

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Hey girls, missed us? Were selling at the Israeli gothic festival tommorow! Featuring awesome gothic, punk and ebm bands like Tyske Luder, Namnambulu, Frozen Plazma, Andour very own diva Ozzy, wearing some awesome Agoraphobix gear at the party. Featuring amazing streetwear and alternative clothing from the new collection in all sizes, and 50% off the second item from previous collections! Come and visit us there, you cant miss us, we will be the most vibrant stand in the market:) Israeli Gothic Fetival Barbi Club Tel Aviv Starts 7:30 pm till..... who knows when! Catch the event on facebook

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