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Agoraphobix, soon near you?

Agoraphobix wants to know what you think!
Heya girlies! Im happy to include my most precious costumers in the announcement that the Agoraphobix line is now expanding
and is looking for retailers to stock all your fave Agoraphobix gear!

how can I help?
just let me know via emailfacebook or twitter,
What are your favorite clothing shops ? 

which shops would you like to see sell Agoraphobix items? 

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Zipper dress by Agoraphobix

 most of us take zippers for granted. We see them as a means of getting our clothing on and off.
But if you think about it, really really think about it, zippers have alot of character. they do!
I find myself contemplating while sewing for quite a long time what zipper will work with a top or pants, what color, what texture. each choise makes a world of difference! putting...

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Corset by Agoraphobix

Last month I went haywire thinking of what kind of sale I should do for valentines day.
After considering many super kitschi options and discarding away about the same amount ( how many heart themed sales can you have? its sooo corny!) I decided the best option is to let all of us girls enjoy this day, those with a man and those without, those who want to steam things up with...

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