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Frozen Plasma Feat. Ozzy Zoltac - Earthling (Live in Tel Aviv 2014-01-16):

check out Frozen Plasma Feat. Ozzy Zoltac wearing her agoraphobix gear top to bottom, on this years Gothic Festival:


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Hey girls, missed us? Were selling at the Israeli gothic festival tommorow! Featuring awesome gothic, punk and ebm bands like Tyske Luder, Namnambulu, Frozen Plazma, Andour very own diva Ozzy, wearing some awesome Agoraphobix gear at the party. Featuring amazing streetwear and alternative clothing from the new collection in all sizes, and 50% off the second item from previous collections! Come and visit us there, you cant miss us, we will be the most vibrant stand in the market:) Israeli Gothic Fetival Barbi Club Tel Aviv Starts 7:30 pm till..... who knows when! Catch the event on facebook

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‫הפסטיבל הגותי הישראלי השני - Israeli Gothic Festival II | Facebook‬:

we have a stand tomorrow at the iSRAELI GOTHIC FESTIVAL featuring items from our new collection, and 50% off on any second item from our previouse collection stand! Also, Ozzy will be preforming in our clothing, with great bands like Namnambulu, Tyske Luder and frozen plazma. Sweet!

Come and visit us...

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