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set by Agoraphobix

Imagine this... its a hot summers day, you are walking down high street in your perfect little 50's inspired look - with an ice cream print bustier, and leopard print leggings.
Big sunglasses, fun flirty hair, and an attitude to kill, you know you got everybody hooked up on your eyecandy outfit!
wonder how you can mix and match these sweet little prints? just try a little bit of...

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dress by Agoraphobix

Im Back!
I haven't written a proper blog in a while, and now Im finally back to preset to you gals all the yummy treats and trinkets you've been waiting for!

This week I was totally in a sparkly mood, I craved items that will reflect light and turn me into a happy little disco girl. Maybe its the summer sun, maybe its my dancing craving mood. whatever it is, metallics and...

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leopard kitty ear jacket by Agoraphobix

I have been a woman obssesed lately. I admit it. with all the hardship it takes to admit an addiction, I admit, im addicted to cuteness.

leopard kitty ear jacket by Agoraphobix
I always featured cute items on my collection, but never did I feature so many.
The thing is I always liked kittys, as you may know I already have 2 cats at home, sasha and lilly which...

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