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Sometimes it seems too many people wearing the same old thing. feeling the same? 
its like everyone is wearing the same outfits!
Is the solution not shopping in big chains? nope
is the solution wearing your grandma's cloths? nope (well sometimes:))
the trick is to mix & match! how do you do that you ask? its as easy as snapping a phone pic!
track down your basics in the big department stores - a basic...

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Agoraphobix, soon near you?

Agoraphobix wants to know what you think!
Heya girlies! Im happy to include my most precious costumers in the announcement that the Agoraphobix line is now expanding
and is looking for retailers to stock all your fave Agoraphobix gear!

how can I help?
just let me know via emailfacebook or twitter,
What are your favorite clothing shops ? 

which shops would you like to see sell Agoraphobix items? 

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Agoraphobix is looking for new worldwide retailers! Want to see our gear in you favorite store? Tell us which ones you shop in! #acidwash #agoraphobix #agoraphobixclothing #retail#cloths #clothing #alternative#streetwear#shopping

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Debbie harry sporting a black & white zebra leotard!
We did it better. yup we did! alternative fashion always knew how black & white was the perfect mix of sleek, contrast and insanity. we always played with this monochromatic mix, and no color blocking or black & white stripetrend can take that away from us! but since it is oh so hot right now, here are some awesome little items that will keep...

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happy international woman day!

Im giving a 20% off voucher for my web site to celebrate, valid for today only on all items!
just enter code womanroar at the checkout.
free shipping over 150$ applies too, so get yourself shopping!


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