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Last chance to get your fave items!

Summer Clearance Sale on the Agoraphobix etsy store 75% off all items..... Everything under 22$!


- All prices shown are pre - discount, just use coupon code AGXSUMMERSALEFINAL at the checkout and receive your discount!
- Coupon valid on all etsy items till Aug 31st
- all sales are final!

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Debbie harry sporting a black & white zebra leotard!
We did it better. yup we did! alternative fashion always knew how black & white was the perfect mix of sleek, contrast and insanity. we always played with this monochromatic mix, and no color blocking or black & white stripetrend can take that away from us! but since it is oh so hot right now, here are some awesome little items that will keep...

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Set by Agoraphobix

Spring is usually all about pastels, flirty colors and delicate designs. right? wrong! this spring is all about girl powe! show off your own inner iron maden in these amazing new items from Agoraphobix. so are you ready to unveil the real you?

Top by Agoraphobix
Leggings by Agoraphobix
shine with a river of silver with these awesome disco ball silver wet look leggings, with grommet...

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