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dress by Agoraphobix

Im Back!
I haven't written a proper blog in a while, and now Im finally back to preset to you gals all the yummy treats and trinkets you've been waiting for!

This week I was totally in a sparkly mood, I craved items that will reflect light and turn me into a happy little disco girl. Maybe its the summer sun, maybe its my dancing craving mood. whatever it is, metallics and...

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Corset by Agoraphobix

Last month I went haywire thinking of what kind of sale I should do for valentines day.
After considering many super kitschi options and discarding away about the same amount ( how many heart themed sales can you have? its sooo corny!) I decided the best option is to let all of us girls enjoy this day, those with a man and those without, those who want to steam things up with...

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skirt by Agoraphobix

Hello babys good to be back!!!
I braved the cold, sewd my way through the coughing and sneezing and made this super spectacular collection for you:)
top by Agoraphobix

pants by Agoraphobix
this week I have some wish fulfilling items ant punk girl could want, check out these awesome red tartan skull and "mosh pit addict" pants, they are absolutely flawless!
Pair them with this...

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Stitch corset by agoraphobix
Ahh! Grease!!!!
When I was smaller I always wanted to be in the pink ladies (from grease) I mean which girl didnt? they were so cool sexy and confident
any girl would like to take their place (excluding the dancing and singing about that summer night stuff, that was never my thing...)
The thing is, that these girls are right up the alley of what every girl really...

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