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Last chance to get your fave items!

Summer Clearance Sale on the Agoraphobix etsy store 75% off all items..... Everything under 22$!


- All prices shown are pre - discount, just use coupon code AGXSUMMERSALEFINAL at the checkout and receive your discount!
- Coupon valid on all etsy items till Aug 31st
- all sales are final!

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wow! its been a while since I'v written a new blog, but im so psyched about this one!
As you guys must have seen tie dye is the latest rage in my collections, I love the strong colors and the beautiful mix you can do with them. Im learning new technics step by step and the options are really unlimited. whichever way you go, adding a tie item to your wardrobe is a fun way of spicing up your look and...

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